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1.   All the whole field was richly spred with grasse, and such varietyof delicate Flowers, as Nature yeilded out of her plenteousStore-house. But that which gave no lesse delight then any of therest, was a smal running Brooke, descending from one of the Vallies,that divided two of the little hils, and fell through a Veine of theintire Rocke it selfe, that the fall and murmure thereof was mostdelightfull to heare, seeming all the way in the descent, likeQuickesilver, weaving it selfe into artificiall workes, and arrivingin the plaine beneath, it was there receyved into a small Channell,swiftly running through the midst of the plaine, to a place where itstayed, and shaped it selfe into a Lake or Pond, such as ourCitizens have in their Orchards or Gardens, when they please to makeuse of such a commodity.
2. But here, against the calm wisdom and quiet restrained humor of these women, with only that blessed Jeff and my inconspicuous self to compare with, Terry did stand out rather strong.
3. 6月28日
4. 他们上商场卖1700元-2000元,我卖300元-500元。
5. 它们在保温箱里层层叠叠,被送入隔离病房一墙之外的休息室内。
6.   Chapter XLII


1. They had faced the problems of education and so solved them that their children grew up as naturally as young trees; learning through every sense; taught continuously but unconsciously-- never knowing they were being educated.
2. 英国著名作家GilesCoren甚至在推特上喊话(现已删除):是的,这就是一桩婚外情!而且大家都知道!3月的时候,有报道称,凯特与自己的闺蜜发生了严重的争吵。
3.   They threw their spears as he bade them, but Minerva made them allof no effect. One hit the door post; another went against the door;the pointed shaft of another struck the wall; and as soon as theyhad avoided all the spears of the suitors Ulysses said to his own men,"My friends, I should say we too had better let drive into themiddle of them, or they will crown all the harm they have done us byus outright."
4. 赵伟回忆称,案发当晚22时许,赵凯与妻子在小区楼下乘凉时,遇到了与他们同住一栋楼的邻居孙某回家,孙某从赵凯身边经过时,突然转过身称赵凯骂他,双方随后就是否骂人一事进行了争论,不久,孙某回到家中,却并未就此罢休,他从窗口冲赵凯喊话,让其在楼下等着,随后电话叫来张某和李某帮忙。
5. Then we made a search of the big room again and found a large airy closet, holding plenty of clothing, but not ours.
6. 02战略ToB,入口很关键除了对远程办公市场本身的筹谋,战略上的ToB无外乎是巨头们扎根远程办公的另一个核心要素。


1.   Then give me back youth's golden prime, When my own spirit too wasgrowing, When from my heart th' unbidden rhyme Gush'd forth, a fount forever flowing; Then shadowy mist the world conceal'd, And every bud sweetpromise made, Of wonders yet to be reveal'd, As through the vales, withblooms inlaid, Culling a thousand flowers I stray'd. Naught had I, yet a richprofusion! The thirst for truth, joy in each fond illusion. Give me unquell'dthose impulses to prove; Rapture so deep, its ecstasy was pain, The power ofhate, the energy of love, Give me, oh give me back my youth again!Merryman
2.   "Because I had a wire from Hilton Cubitt this morning. Youremember Hilton Cubitt, of the dancing men? He was to reachLiverpool Street at one-twenty. He may be here at any moment. I gatherfrom his wire that there have been some new incidents of importance."We had not long to wait, for our Norfolk squire came straight fromthe station as fast as a hansom could bring him. He was lookingworried and depressed, with tired eyes and a lined forehead."It's getting on my nerves, this business, Mr. Holmes," said he,as he sank, like a wearied man, into an armchair. "It's bad enoughto feel that you are surrounded by unseen, unknown folk, who have somekind of design upon you, but when, in addition to that, you knowthat it is just killing your wife by inches, then it becomes as muchas flesh and blood can endure. She's wearing away under it- justwearing away before my eyes."
3. 2018年11月至12月4日穆某某通过支付宝和肖某某支付给吴某好处费共计人民币1.94万元。
4.   Th' eleventh statute, Thy signes for to know With eye and finger, and with smiles soft, And low to couch, and alway for to show, For dread of spies, for to winken oft: And secretly to bring a sigh aloft, But still beware of over much resort; For that peradventure spoileth all thy sport.
5.   "Monday next! Still five days before us. That's more time thanwe want. Patrick!" cried the duke, opening the door of thechapel, "Patrick!" His confidential valet appeared."My jeweler and my secretary."
6.   Nov. 19th.


1. 该项目计划总投资5亿元,占地面积2万平方米,当时该项目已经完成投资4000万元。
2. 然而,他仍然拿不到确诊通知。
3. 尝试新材料每天亏6万,要转型该交的学费还得交Joey37岁制造业创业者我曾经在某互联网大厂工作了五年,2015年,我卖掉了期权,回到老家某新一线城市开始创业。
4. 虽然我们的力量是有限的,我们的客户数量也远远赶不上BAT等大型互联网公司。
5. "Oh, she got back to her seat before we could see her!" Sara explained. "Of course they always do. They are as quick as lightning."
6. 在2018年12月,最高人民法院增加了平等就业权纠纷的案由,这一案由会涉及到很多就业中的歧视,包括怀孕、年龄,身高、性别、疾病等。


1. 如果你希望在接下来五年,或者终其一生成为中国的Salesforce,下一个滴滴,美团……等估值百亿的公司,这是合理的逻辑。
2. 据《重庆晨报》报道,经调查后,荣昌警方于4月29日以危害公共安全的罪名逮捕了周某。
3.   "What is your address?" he began again, fixing his pencil towrite.

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      LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.

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