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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Valentine could not reply; the voice which indicated thereal presence of a being in the room, alarmed her so muchthat she feared to utter a syllable; still the expression ofher eyes seemed to inquire, "If your intentions are pure,why are you here?" The count's marvellous sagacityunderstood all that was passing in the young girl's mind.
2.  "Whichever you please -- there to the left."
3.  "The unfortunate Barrois has been poisoned," said d'Avrigny,"and I will maintain this assertion before God and man."Villefort said nothing, but he clasped his hands, opened hishaggard eyes, and, overcome with his emotion, sank into achair.
4.  "Ah, my dear doctor," said the procureur, "heaven declaresitself against my house! What a dreadful death -- what ablow! Seek not to console me; alas, nothing can alleviate sogreat a sorrow -- the wound is too deep and too fresh! Dead,dead!" The cold sweat sprang to the young man's brow, andhis teeth chattered. Who could be dead in that house, whichVillefort himself had called accursed? "My dear M. deVillefort," replied the doctor, with a tone which redoubledthe terror of the young man, "I have not led you here toconsole you; on the contrary" --
5.  "Well, I should say! If you had me taken to a private roomonly to tell me this, you might have saved yourself thetrouble. I know all these things. But there are some withwhich, on the contrary, I am not acquainted. Let us talk ofthose, if you please. Who sent you?"
6.  "No?" said Morrel; "you disapprove of this second project,as you did of the first?"


1.  "Haidee?" said Morrel, "what has become of her?"
2.  "What do they say?"
3.  "Poverty" --
4.  "I will say he had doubtless given you the plan of thishouse, in the hope the count would kill you. I will say,likewise, he had apprised the count, by a note, of yourintention, and, the count being absent, I read the note andsat up to await you."
5.  "You are right; You know they are select affairs; those whoremain in Paris in July must be true Parisians. Will youtake charge of our invitation to Messieurs Cavalcanti?"
6.  "Oh, yes, if it be true," cried the young man, "he shall payme all I have suffered."


1.  "Yes, monsieur; you are aware from whom I come?"
2.  "Who are you, then? Who are you?"
3.  "And have you placed the letter before him, as I ordered youto do?"
4.  "Oh, yes, with all my soul."
5.   After Mercedes had left Monte Cristo, he fell into profoundgloom. Around him and within him the flight of thoughtseemed to have stopped; his energetic mind slumbered, as thebody does after extreme fatigue. "What?" said he to himself,while the lamp and the wax lights were nearly burnt out, andthe servants were waiting impatiently in the anteroom;"what? this edifice which I have been so long preparing,which I have reared with so much care and toil, is to becrushed by a single touch, a word, a breath! Yes, this self,of whom I thought so much, of whom I was so proud, who hadappeared so worthless in the dungeons of the Chateau d'If,and whom I had succeeded in making so great, will be but alump of clay to-morrow. Alas, it is not the death of thebody I regret; for is not the destruction of the vitalprinciple, the repose to which everything is tending, towhich every unhappy being aspires, -- is not this the reposeof matter after which I so long sighed, and which I wasseeking to attain by the painful process of starvation whenFaria appeared in my dungeon? What is death for me? One stepfarther into rest, -- two, perhaps, into silence.
6.  "What do you say?" said Louise.


1.  When the young man on board saw this person approach, heleft his station by the pilot, and, hat in hand, leaned overthe ship's bulwarks.
2.  "Impossible!" said Dantes, staggered at the enormous amount.
3.  "Pardon me, my friend, that man was your father!" Albertadvanced furiously towards Beauchamp, but the latterrestrained him more by a mild look than by his extendedhand.
4、  "A person to whom I can refuse nothing has come to demandyou."
5、  "He is in masquerade."




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      "Yes, I paid them nothing, and yet they are gone."

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      "What do you think of it, my little fellow?" saidCaderousse. "Ay, that smells good! You know I used to be afamous cook; do you recollect how you used to lick yourfingers? You were among the first who tasted any of mydishes, and I think you relished them tolerably." Whilespeaking, Caderousse went on peeling a fresh supply ofonions.

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       "Alas," said Monte Cristo, "it is the infirmity of ournature always to believe ourselves much more unhappy thanthose who groan by our sides!"

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      "Well, it will be given to some one who has done nothing todeserve it," said Beauchamp; "that is the way the Academymostly escapes from the dilemma."

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    {  "Because I sigh when thinking of some one I am leaving?Come, Morrel, it is not like a soldier to be so bad a judgeof courage. Do I regret life? What is it to me, who havepassed twenty years between life and death? Moreover, do notalarm yourself, Morrel; this weakness, if it is such, isbetrayed to you alone. I know the world is a drawing-room,from which we must retire politely and honestly; that is,with a bow, and our debts of honor paid."

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      "Count, I have reflected on the matter," said Franz, "Ithank you for your courtesy, but I shall content myself withaccepting a place in your carriage and at your window at theRospoli Palace, and I leave you at liberty to dispose of myplace at the Piazza del Popolo."}

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      "From the Abbe Busoni?"

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      Franz entered the hotel. On the staircase he met SignorPastrini. "Well?" said the landlord.

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       "Thank you, sir," said Albert, smiling. "In the midst of ourmisfortunes, we are still rich enough not to requireassistance from any one. We are leaving Paris, and when ourjourney is paid, we shall have 5,000 francs left." The bloodmounted to the temples of Debray, who held a million in hispocket-book, and unimaginative as he was he could not helpreflecting that the same house had contained two women, oneof whom, justly dishonored, had left it poor with 1,500,000francs under her cloak, while the other, unjustly stricken,but sublime in her misfortune, was yet rich with a fewdeniers. This parallel disturbed his usual politeness, thephilosophy he witnessed appalled him, he muttered a fewwords of general civility and ran down-stairs.

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    {  "Yes, here I am," said the young man, "with a promisingfuture and a little money. Here, father, here!" he said,"take this -- take it, and send for something immediately."And he emptied his pockets on the table, the contentsconsisting of a dozen gold pieces, five or six five-francpieces, and some smaller coin. The countenance of old Dantesbrightened.

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      One morning Albert was awakened by his valet de chambre, whoannounced Beauchamp. Albert rubbed his eyes, ordered hisservant to introduce him into the small smoking-room on theground-floor, dressed himself quickly, and went down. Hefound Beauchamp pacing the room; on perceiving him Beauchampstopped. "Your arrival here, without waiting my visit atyour house to-day, looks well, sir," said Albert. "Tell me,may I shake hands with you, saying, `Beauchamp, acknowledgeyou have injured me, and retain my friendship,' or must Isimply propose to you a choice of arms?"