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1. 此墓画像是在事先打磨平光的石板上用减地平雕兼阴线刻的手法雕成,铲地平整,无横凿之纹,构图缜密、造型严谨,整个画像石的作风极其工整精细,与南阳地区造型夸张、粗犷泼辣的风格截然不同,却与陕北晋西特别是山东、苏北地区的大多数东汉晚期画像石作风相一致。
2.   Mr. Chillip laid his head a little more on one side, and looked at my aunt like an amiable bird.
3. 做号者的江湖比起内容“生产者”或者“搬运工”,“做号”是一种更形象的说法。
4. 也是这种由真实用户捧起来的汽车之家,平台上用户粘性很大,这使得汽车之家更容易流量变现,并且流量的成本也比较低。
5. 因此需要每4个小时就要走出隔离病房,休息一次。
6. 整个手术需在显微镜下放大十几倍进行,所用的缝合线针粗0.07mm,比头发丝还细很多。


1.   Going over to Carrie, he said:
2. 她赶紧和安检员李梦悦,用包内的手机拨打最近一次通话记录的电话,接电话的是机主的丈夫。
3. 1月27日,单位编委办领导把我拉入专班群。
4. "I knew he wanted it for his children," said Sara. "I do believe I could make friends with him."
5. 去年6月遭遇车祸,被重度烧伤。
6.   "You mustn't worry, sweetheart," he said. "Just as soon as hegoes on the road again we will arrange something. We'll fix itso that you won't have to deceive any one."


1. 对于一种色彩潮流(又或说两种色彩潮流)而言,要包含的和不同话题有关的信息传递太多了,但潘通在声明中称,体现社会潮流并用一种颜色捕捉它们,是公司的工作。和往常一样,这种颜色将会进入我们生活中使用的面料。
2.   "I am, sir," replied Aladdin; "but he died a long while ago."
3. 肺功能较差的老人不要急于求成,贵在坚持,每天练习1次~2次即可。
4. 根据该协议,优信将剥离旗下事故车拍卖业务,将其以3.3亿美元人民币的现金出售给博车网。
5. 在排除了手术禁忌后,苏大附二院耳鼻喉科主任曹忠胜为其做了支撑喉镜下喉肿物激光切除手术,手术顺利,术后病理结果:(喉)鳞状细胞癌
6. Democracy is at bottom a civilised form of civil war.


1. 因为远程的关系,在PingCAP我们一直以来要求尽可能的使用文档进行沟通,我们确实在早期很严格的践行了,但是那个时候我们重度依赖在线文档。
2.   `Stop--Look here, Jacques!'
3.   Seeing it is so, that you have elected me your Queene, to variesomewhat from the course observed by them that went before me, whosegovernement you have all so much commended: by approbation of yourcounsell, I am desirous to speake my mind, concerning what I wold haveto be next followed. It is not unknowne to you all, that to morrowshal be Friday, and Saturday the next day following, which are daiessomewhat molestuous to the most part of men, for preparation oftheir weekly food and sustenance. Moreover, Friday ought to bereverendly respected, in remembrance of him, who died to give us life,and endured his bitter passion, as on that day; which makes me to holdit fit and expedient, that wee should mind more weight), matters,and rather attend our prayers and devotions then the repetition oftales or Novels. Now concerning Saturday, it hath bin a customeobserved among women, to bath and wash themselves from suchimmundicities as the former weekes toile hath imposed on them. Beside,it is a day of fasting, in honour of the ensuing Sabbath, whereon nolabor may be done, but the observation of holy exercises.
4. 在企业发展的马拉松比赛中,四通、方正、长虹、春兰、健力宝……这些中国公司中又有谁能跑赢联想。
5.   "By Jove, I told you so!" cried the clerk. "That's he walkingahead of us there"
6.   "La Chesnaye," said the king, "let someone go instantly and findMonsieur de la Tremouille; I wish to speak with him thisevening."


1. 如果你的产品给人的感受更富有人性,那么用户更容易相信它。
2. 此外,美华门诊部使用的疫苗均系在国外合法购买,被以销售假药定罪存在争议。
3.   Everybody present, except the one wigged gentleman who looked at the ceiling, stared at him. All the human breath in the place, rolled at him, like a sea, or a wind, or a fire. Eager faces strained round pillars and corners, to get a sight of him; spectators in back rows stood up, not to miss a hair of him; people on the floor of the court, laid their hands on the shoulders of the people before them, to help themselves, at anybody's cost, to a view of him--stood a-tiptoe, got upon ledges, stood upon next to nothing, to see every inch of him. Conspicuous among these latter, like an animated bit of the spiked wall of Newgate, Jerry stood: aiming at the prisoner the beery breath of a whet he had taken as he came along, and discharging it to mingle with the waves of other beer, and gin, and tea, and coffee, and what not, that flowed at him, and already broke upon the great windows behind him in an impure mist and rain.

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