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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The master of The Young Amelia, who was very desirous ofretaining amongst his crew a man of Edmond's value, hadoffered to advance him funds out of his future profits,which Edmond had accepted. His next care on leaving thebarber's who had achieved his first metamorphosis was toenter a shop and buy a complete sailor's suit -- a garb, aswe all know, very simple, and consisting of white trousers,a striped shirt, and a cap. It was in this costume, andbringing back to Jacopo the shirt and trousers he had lenthim, that Edmond reappeared before the captain of thelugger, who had made him tell his story over and over againbefore he could believe him, or recognize in the neat andtrim sailor the man with thick and matted beard, hairtangled with seaweed, and body soaking in seabrine, whom hehad picked up naked and nearly drowned. Attracted by hisprepossessing appearance, he renewed his offers of anengagement to Dantes; but Dantes, who had his own projects,would not agree for a longer time than three months.
2.  "Who and what are you?" demanded Villefort, turning over apile of papers, containing information relative to theprisoner, that a police agent had given to him on his entry,and that, already, in an hour's time, had swelled tovoluminous proportions, thanks to the corrupt espionage ofwhich "the accused" is always made the victim.
3.  "Your pardon, sir," replied Villefort, quite astounded, "butyou will excuse me if, when I presented myself to you, I wasunaware that I should meet with a person whose knowledge andunderstanding so far surpass the usual knowledge andunderstanding of men. It is not usual with us corruptedwretches of civilization to find gentlemen like yourself,possessors, as you are, of immense fortune -- at least, soit is said -- and I beg you to observe that I do notinquire, I merely repeat; -- it is not usual, I say, forsuch privileged and wealthy beings to waste their time inspeculations on the state of society, in philosophicalreveries, intended at best to console those whom fate hasdisinherited from the goods of this world."
4.  "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"
5.  "Why, it seems M. Morrel has promised him the thing."
6.  "Well, yes, and I had good reason to be so," repliedChateau-Renaud. "I was retreating on foot, for my horse wasdead. Six Arabs came up, full gallop, to cut off my head. Ishot two with my double-barrelled gun, and two more with mypistols, but I was then disarmed, and two were still left;one seized me by the hair (that is why I now wear it soshort, for no one knows what may happen), the other swung ayataghan, and I already felt the cold steel on my neck, whenthis gentleman whom you see here charged them, shot the onewho held me by the hair, and cleft the skull of the otherwith his sabre. He had assigned himself the task of saving aman's life that day; chance caused that man to be myself.When I am rich I will order a statue of Chance from Klagmannor Marochetti."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "And they mean -- "
3.  "Reverend sir, since you know everything, you know it wasnot I -- it was La Carconte; that was proved at the trial,since I was only condemned to the galleys."
4.  "Do you know the assassin?" asked Morrel.
5.  "A very easy thing, if your horse isn't tired."
6.  "That is what all the French say," returned Signor Pastrini,somewhat piqued; "for that reason, I do not understand whythey travel."


1.  "But there must be some cause for this strange scene."
2.  "Well, then, after this first visit has been made we shallcount on you."
3.  Never had Flora, the fresh and smiling goddess of gardeners,been honored with a purer or more scrupulous worship thanthat which was paid to her in this little enclosure. Infact, of the twenty rose-trees which formed the parterre,not one bore the mark of the slug, nor were there evidencesanywhere of the clustering aphis which is so destructive toplants growing in a damp soil. And yet it was not becausethe damp had been excluded from the garden; the earth, blackas soot, the thick foliage of the trees betrayed itspresence; besides, had natural humidity been wanting, itcould have been immediately supplied by artificial means,thanks to a tank of water, sunk in one of the corners of thegarden, and upon which were stationed a frog and a toad,who, from antipathy, no doubt, always remained on the twoopposite sides of the basin. There was not a blade of grassto be seen in the paths, or a weed in the flower-beds; nofine lady ever trained and watered her geraniums, her cacti,and her rhododendrons, with more pains than this hithertounseen gardener bestowed upon his little enclosure. MonteCristo stopped after having closed the gate and fastened thestring to the nail, and cast a look around.
4.  "Ah," said the inspector, "you have not the latest news fromItaly?"
5.   "Alas, yes!" said Caderousse very uneasily.
6.  "My dear count," said Morcerf, "I beg of you not to applythat title so prematurely."


1.  The door was wide open, a hackney-coach was standing in themiddle of the yard -- a strange sight before so noble amansion; the count looked at it with terror, but withoutdaring to inquire its meaning, he rushed towards hisapartment. Two persons were coming down the stairs; he hadonly time to creep into an alcove to avoid them. It wasMercedes leaning on her son's arm and leaving the house.They passed close by the unhappy being, who, concealedbehind the damask curtain, almost felt Mercedes dress brushpast him, and his son's warm breath, pronouncing thesewords, -- "Courage, mother! Come, this is no longer ourhome!" The words died away, the steps were lost in thedistance. The general drew himself up, clinging to thecurtain; he uttered the most dreadful sob which ever escapedfrom the bosom of a father abandoned at the same time by hiswife and son. He soon heard the clatter of the iron step ofthe hackney-coach, then the coachman's voice, and then therolling of the heavy vehicle shook the windows. He darted tohis bedroom to see once more all he had loved in the world;but the hackney-coach drove on and the head of neitherMercedes nor her son appeared at the window to take a lastlook at the house or the deserted father and husband. And atthe very moment when the wheels of that coach crossed thegateway a report was heard, and a thick smoke escapedthrough one of the panes of the window, which was broken bythe explosion.
2.  Two months and a half elapsed in these trips, and Edmond hadbecome as skilful a coaster as he had been a hardy seaman;he had formed an acquaintance with all the smugglers on thecoast, and learned all the Masonic signs by which these halfpirates recognize each other. He had passed and re-passedhis Island of Monte Cristo twenty times, but not once had hefound an opportunity of landing there. He then formed aresolution. As soon as his engagement with the patron of TheYoung Amelia ended, he would hire a small vessel on his ownaccount -- for in his several voyages he had amassed ahundred piastres -- and under some pretext land at theIsland of Monte Cristo. Then he would be free to make hisresearches, not perhaps entirely at liberty, for he would bedoubtless watched by those who accompanied him. But in thisworld we must risk something. Prison had made Edmondprudent, and he was desirous of running no risk whatever.But in vain did he rack his imagination; fertile as it was,he could not devise any plan for reaching the island withoutcompanionship.
3.  "Oh, I am quite sure. I will take all the blame on myself ifyou find I have led you into an error."
4、  "The woman of the garden! -- she that was enciente -- shewho was walking while she waited for" -- Bertuccio stood atthe open door, with his eyes starting and his hair on end.
5、  "But what has the French Academy to do with all this?"




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      "What?" said Monte Cristo.

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      "If it were otherwise -- if he treated me diplomatically --that is to say, like a man who wishes, by some means orother, to obtain a footing in the house, so that he mayultimately gain the power of dictating to its occupants --he would, if it had been but once, have honored me with thesmile which you extol so loudly; but no, he saw that I wasunhappy, he understood that I could be of no use to him, andtherefore paid no attention to me whatever. Who knows butthat, in order to please Madame de Villefort and my father,he may not persecute me by every means in his power? It isnot just that he should despise me so, without any reason.Ah, forgive me," said Valentine, perceiving the effect whichher words were producing on Maximilian: "I have done wrong,for I have given utterance to thoughts concerning that manwhich I did not even know existed in my heart. I do not denythe influence of which you speak, or that I have not myselfexperienced it, but with me it has been productive of evilrather than good."

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       His firm, sonorous, and unexpected voice made every onestart. Penelon put his hand over his eyes, and then staredat the man who thus criticized the manoeuvres of hiscaptain. "We did better than that, sir," said the old sailorrespectfully; "we put the helm up to run before the tempest;ten minutes after we struck our tops'ls and scudded underbare poles."

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      "Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it."

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    {  "I seem to myself as though living a life of bondage, yet atthe same time am so conscious of my own weakness that I fearto break the restraint in which I am held, lest I fallutterly helpless. Then, too, my father is not a person whoseorders may be infringed with impunity; protected as he is byhis high position and firmly established reputation fortalent and unswerving integrity, no one could oppose him; heis all-powerful even with the king; he would crush you at aword. Dear Maximilian, believe me when I assure you that ifI do not attempt to resist my father's commands it is moreon your account than my own."

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      "It is not for you to interrogate, but to answer."}

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      Caligula or Nero, those treasure-seekers, those desirers ofthe impossible, would have accorded to the poor wretch, inexchange for his wealth, the liberty he so earnestly prayedfor. But the kings of modern times, restrained by the limitsof mere probability, have neither courage nor desire. Theyfear the ear that hears their orders, and the eye thatscrutinizes their actions. Formerly they believed themselvessprung from Jupiter, and shielded by their birth; butnowadays they are not inviolable.

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      M. Noirtier -- for it was, indeed, he who entered -- lookedafter the servant until the door was closed, and then,fearing, no doubt, that he might be overheard in theante-chamber, he opened the door again, nor was theprecaution useless, as appeared from the rapid retreat ofGermain, who proved that he was not exempt from the sinwhich ruined our first parents. M. Noirtier then took thetrouble to close and bolt the ante-chamber door, then thatof the bed-chamber, and then extended his hand to Villefort,who had followed all his motions with surprise which hecould not conceal.

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       "It could not indeed, my daughter is her only heiress --Valentine alone. Oh, if such a thought could present itself,I would stab myself to punish my heart for having for oneinstant harbored it."

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    {  "You insist?"

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