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1. 李家临街的一些房子早已被改建成了百货大楼和其他商店。
2.   Mephistopheles
3. The Big Sick
4. 平板横屏状态下,应用可以更好地适应界面。
5. 想一想再看
6. 对于不以个人面目出现的投资机构来说尤为如此。


1. They did, in fact, urge us to give public lectures later, but not to the hearers or with the purpose we expected.
2.   Ere I had finished this reply, my soul began to expand, to exult,with the strangest sense of freedom, of triumph, I ever felt. Itseemed as if an invisible bond had burst, and that I had struggled outinto unhoped-for liberty. Not without cause was this sentiment: Mrs.Reed looked frightened; her work had slipped from her knee; she waslifting up her hands, rocking herself to and fro, and even twistingher face as if she would cry.
3.   Camaralzaman did as he was bid, and inquired why this precaution was taken.
4. 而作为粉丝,如果希望张云雷这样的偶像派相声流量演员能够成长为真正优秀的相声演员、艺术家,应该给予他真正的支持和爱护,給予他们监督和帮助,鼓励他多学习多进步,而不是捧杀。
5. "Look," he pursued. "There are short stumps of branches left to climb on. There's someone up that tree, I believe."
6. 薛某某明知自己疑似感染新型冠状病毒,拒不执行卫生防疫机构的预防、控制措施,仍然在公共场所及其他地方活动,放任向不特定人员传播突发传染病病原体,危害公共安全。


1. 商人和小生产者的这种关系,普遍存在于清代的城乡手工业中。在浙江乌程、桐乡,“蚕毕时,各处大郡商客,投行收买”。江苏吴江蚕丝上市之时,“富商大贾,数千里辇万金来买者,摩肩连袂。”杭、嘉一带蚕户,在蚕丝上市之时,“间遇丝客未至,需用孔亟”,往往乞援于典当。可以想见缫丝业中小生产者对商人的依赖程度。在这种情况之下,收丝商人就有可能把这些个体手工缫丝业者固定起来,专为自己而生产。他们或者规定固定的交易场地,或者指定固定的代理人员,让蚕户按他们的指示行事。一旦他们开始利用自己的垄断地位,广大的个体缫丝业者原有的独立地位,便随之动摇。
2. 简而言之,要想在下沉市场这一熟人市场中做生意,首先得与当地的意见领袖建立合作关系,并适时给予其激励政策。
3.   By and by morning came and woke Nausicaa, who began wonderingabout her dream; she therefore went to the other end of the house totell her father and mother all about it, and found them in their ownroom. Her mother was sitting by the fireside spinning her purpleyarn with her maids around her, and she happened to catch her fatherjust as he was going out to attend a meeting of the town council,which the Phaeacian aldermen had convened. She stopped him and said:
4. 一二一九年秋,木华黎统率的蒙古军再次攻掠山西。八月,攻下武州,金军事判官郭秀战死。九月,蒙古军攻掠东胜州。金东胜州节度使伯德窊哥(窊音蛙wā奚人)招募义军坚守。城中粮尽,伯德窊哥率众突围,走保长宁寨,又被围,窊哥战死。宣宗派行省胥鼎领兵赴河中,又采纳蒙古纲的建策,对各地抗蒙义军,置都统、副都统。十一月,地主武装张开、郭文振合兵收复太原。
5. 而我国近几年科技发展迅速,也吸引了不少硅谷的科技人员来我国寻求发展,开始为我国的科技助力,这一点非常让我们感到自豪。
6.   The gardener did as he was bid, and soon placed the cradle in the hands of the intendant.


2. 双方协商未果,林先生遂向天猫商城进行投诉。
3. NASA和另一个保持长期气温记录的美国机构、国家海洋和大气管理局在上周五发布了各自的数据汇编,证实了2014年是创纪录的一年。一家日本机构曾在一月初发布初步信息显示,2014年是最热的一年。
4. 价格跳空
5. 大年三十,为驰援武汉,社员们取消春节假期,加班加点,为将大白菜运送到武汉做准备。
6. 附录:中国农业的反证


1. 从总数上看,大多数人会得到3~8个月工资不等的离职补偿金。
2. 据新京报此前报道,该男子事发时驾驶电瓶车经过该路段
3.   "Excuse me, my lord," replied Schacabac, imitating his gestures as before, "I really am not losing time, and I do full justice to the repast."

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    But it was no use grumbling, and Terry refused to admit any mistake. "Nonsense," he said. "They expected it. Women like to be run after. Come on, let's get to that town; maybe we'll find them there. Let's see, it was in this direction and not far from the woods, as I remember."

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      The poker got into my dozing thoughts besides, and wouldn't come out. I thought, between sleeping and waking, that it was still red hot, and I had snatched it out of the fire, and run him through the body. I was so haunted at last by the idea, though I knew there was nothing in it, that I stole into the next room to look at him. There I saw him, lying on his back, with his legs extending to I don't know where, gurglings taking place in his throat, stoppages in his nose, and his mouth open like a post-office. He was so much worse in reality than in my distempered fancy, that afterwards I was attracted to him in very repulsion, and could not help wandering in and out every half-hour or so, and taking another look at him. Still, the long, long night seemed heavy and hopeless as ever, and no promise of day was in the murky sky.

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      As regards the manner in which the text of the two great works, especially of The Canterbury Tales, is presented, the Editor is aware that some whose judgement is weighty will differ from him. This volume has been prepared "for popular perusal;" and its very raison d'etre would have failed, if the ancient orthography had been retained. It has often been affirmed by editors of Chaucer in the old forms of the language, that a little trouble at first would render the antiquated spelling and obsolete inflections a continual source, not of difficulty, but of actual delight, for the reader coming to the study of Chaucer without any preliminary acquaintance with the English of his day -- or of his copyists' days. Despite this complacent assurance, the obvious fact is, that Chaucer in the old forms has not become popular, in the true sense of the word; he is not "understanded of the vulgar." In this volume, therefore, the text of Chaucer has been presented in nineteenth-century garb. But there has been not the slightest attempt to "modernise" Chaucer, in the wider meaning of the phrase; to replace his words by words which he did not use; or, following the example of some operators, to translate him into English of the modern spirit as well as the modern forms. So far from that, in every case where the old spelling or form seemed essential to metre, to rhyme, or meaning, no change has been attempted. But, wherever its preservation was not essential, the spelling of the monkish transcribers -- for the most ardent purist must now despair of getting at the spelling of Chaucer himself -- has been discarded for that of the reader's own day. It is a poor compliment to the Father of English Poetry, to say that by such treatment the bouquet and individuality of his works must be lost. If his masterpiece is valuable for one thing more than any other, it is the vivid distinctness with which English men and women of the fourteenth century are there painted, for the study of all the centuries to follow. But we wantonly balk the artist's own purpose, and discredit his labour, when we keep before his picture the screen of dust and cobwebs which, for the English people in these days, the crude forms of the infant language have practically become. Shakespeare has not suffered by similar changes; Spencer has not suffered; it would be surprising if Chaucer should suffer, when the loss of popular comprehension and favour in his case are necessarily all the greater for his remoteness from our day. In a much smaller degree -- since previous labours in the same direction had left far less to do -- the same work has been performed for the spelling of Spenser; and the whole endeavour in this department of the Editor's task has been, to present a text plain and easily intelligible to the modern reader, without any injustice to the old poet. It would be presumptuous to believe that in every case both ends have been achieved together; but the laudatores temporis acti - the students who may differ most from the plan pursued in this volume -- will best appreciate the difficulty of the enterprise, and most leniently regard any failure in the details of its accomplishment.

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      He spoke it almost in a brilliancy of triumph, and Connie looked at him as if dazzled, and really feeling nothing at all. Hardly even the surface of her mind was tickled at the glowing prospects he offered her. Hardly even her most outside self responded, that at any other time would have been thrilled. She just got no feeling from it, she couldn't `go off'. She just sat and stared and looked dazzled, and felt nothing, only somewhere she smelt the extraordinarily unpleasant smell of the bitch-goddess.