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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Milady saw by the contraction of his countenance that thetrigger was about to be pulled; she reached her hand quicklyto her bosom, drew out a paper, and held it toward Athos."Take it," said she, "and be accursed!"
2.  "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."
3.  "When?"
4.  "PARBLEU! What do you desire it to be?"
5.  "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."
6.  This greatness of spirit in a man who was quite destitutestruck even Porthos; and this French generosity, repeated byLord de Winter and his friend, was highly applauded, exceptby MM. Grimaud, Bazin, Mousqueton and Planchet.


1.  "Enough?" asked M. de Treville.
2.  At length Felton, who had not yet looked at Milady, turned towardher.
3.  The young woman looked at him furtively.
4.  "The complexion of our fortune has changed very much since I sawyou, Madam Bonacieux, and I should not be astonished if in thecourse of a few months it were to excite the envy of many folks.""Yes, particularly if you follow the instructions I am about togive you."
5.  As captain of the Musketeers, M. de Treville had the right ofentry at all times.
6.  And at these words Felton, feeling that he could not longmaintain his severity toward his prisoner, rushed out of theroom.


1.  Planchet followed the movements of his master as if he had beenhis shadow, and was soon trotting by his side.
2.  "Monsieur the Duke," said M. de Treville, "I was so confident ofyour loyalty that I required no other defender before his Majestythan yourself. I find that I have not been mistaken, and I thankyou that there is still one man in France of whom may be said,without disappointment, what I have said of you.""That's well said," cried the king, who had heard all thesecompliments through the open door; "only tell him, Treville,since he wishes to be considered your friend, that I also wish tobe one of his, but he neglects me; that it is nearly three yearssince I have seen him, and that I never do see him unless I sendfor him. Tell him all this for me, for these are things which aking cannot say for himself."
3.  "But I repeat it again to you," replied Felton, in great emotion,"no danger threatens you; I will answer for Lord de Winter as formyself."
4.  "And you say this young man behaved himself well? Tell me how,Treville--you know how I delight in accounts of war andfighting."
5.   "But what do you require of me, then? Let us see.""I have told you. You must depart instantly, monsieur. You mustaccomplish loyally the commission with which I deign to chargeyou, and on that condition I pardon everything, I forgeteverything; and what is more," and she geld out her hand to him,"I restore my love."
6.  "Well, monsieur, you understand that uneasiness makes us do manythings."


1.  "And now, my dear Athos," said he, "do me the kindness totell me where we are going?"
2.  "Do you believe you have still a certain amount of it to expendthis evening?"
3.  "What's the matter now, Planchet?" demanded D'Artagnan."Oh! I give you a hundred, I give you a thousand times to guess,monsieur, the visit I received in your absence."
4、  M. de Treville smiled at this flourish; and leaving his young mancompatriot in the embrasure of the window, where they had talkedtogether, he seated himself at a table in order to write thepromised letter of recommendation. While he was doing this,D'Artagnan, having no better employment, amused himself withbeating a march upon the window and with looking at theMusketeers, who went away, one after another, following them withhis eyes until they disappeared.
5、  When this crisis was past, when Milady appeared to have resumedher self-possession, which she had never lost; when Felton hadseen her recover with the veil of chastity those treasures oflove which were only concealed from him to make him desire themthe more ardently, he said, "Ah, now! I have only one thing toask of you; that is, the name of your true executioner. For tome there is but one; the other was an instrument, that was all.""What, brother!" cried Milady, "must I name him again? Have younot yet divined who he is?"




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      "My dear Madame Bonacieux, you are charming; but at the same timeyou are one of the most mysterious women."

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      "The devil!" said Athos. "I would propose to you to stakePlanchet, but as that has already been done, the Englishman wouldnot, perhaps, be willing."

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       "Ah! I wish I had never seen you!" cried D'Artagnan, with thatingenuous roughness which women often prefer to the affectationsof politeness, because it betrays the depths of the thought andproves that feeling prevails over reason.

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      "Good!" thought D'Artagnan, "She is charged with somemessage for me from her mistress; she is about to appointsome rendezvous of which she had not courage to speak." Andhe looked down at the pretty girl with the most triumphantair imaginable.

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    {  "In the street, facing your window, in the embrasure of thatdoor--a man wrapped in a cloak."

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      16 IN WHICH M. SEGUIER, KEEPER OF THE SEALS, LOOKS MORE THANONCE FOR THE BELL, IN ORDER TO RING IT, AS HE DID BEFOREIt is impossible to form an idea of the impression these fewwords made upon Louis XIII. He grew pale and red alternately;and the cardinal saw at once that he had recovered by a singleblow all the ground he had lost.}

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      "I heard it from the mouth of the messenger himself.""Come and sit down close to me," said Milady.

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      "My word," said De Winter, rising, "I think the hussy is goingmad! Come, come, calm yourself, Madame Puritan, or I'll removeyou to a dungeon. It's my Spanish wine that has got into yourhead, is it not? But never mind; that sort of intoxication isnot dangerous, and will have no bad effects."

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       "Well, my dear friend, add to his natural devotedness a goodsum of money, and then, instead of answering for him once,answer for him twice."

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    {  But Athos only replied to this proposal by shrugging hisshoulders.

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      "Monsieur, he carried on a trade which I have always thoughtsatisfactory."