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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie answered, but was looking away. Down the aisle, towardthe gate leading into the waiting-room and the street, stoodDrouet. He was looking back. When he saw that she saw him andwas safe with her sister he turned to go, sending back the shadowof a smile. Only Carrie saw it. She felt something lost to herwhen he moved away. When he disappeared she felt his absencethoroughly. With her sister she was much alone, a lone figure ina tossing, thoughtless sea.
2.  "Why not?" he asked softly.
3.  "I don't know," returned Carrie, still illogically drifting andfinding nothing at which to catch.
4.  'What's next?" he said, looking at her part, which she had beenstudying.
5.  "Who's here?" said Hurstwood, passing into the theatre proper,where the lights were turned up and a company of gentlemen werelaughing and talking in the open space back of the seats.
6.  "Come around after the show. I have something I want to showyou," said Hurstwood.


1.  In Carrie--as in how many of our worldlings do they not?--instinct and reason, desire and understanding, were at war forthe mastery. She followed whither her craving led. She was asyet more drawn than she drew.
2.  Once, when she was fumbling at the little clamp, having made aslight error in setting in the leather, a great hand appearedbefore her eyes and fastened the clamp for her. It was theforeman. Her heart thumped so that she could scarcely see to goon.
3.  A further enlargement of this chasm between them came when themanager, looking between the wings upon the brightly lightedstage where the chorus was going through some of its glitteringevolutions, said to the master of the ballet:
4.  "Maitland! Maitland!" he called once.
5.  "Is Mr. Drouet in?" said Hurstwood blandly.
6.  "Right you are."


1.  "You can just leave that in hereafter," he remarked, seeing howintelligent she appeared. "Don't add any more, though."
2.  "Why, George, how are you?" said another genial West Sidepolitician and lodge member. "My, but I'm glad to see you again;how are things, anyhow?"
3.  When he neared Broadway, he noticed the captain's gathering ofwanderers, but thinking it to be the result of a street preacheror some patent medicine fakir, was about to pass on. However, incrossing the street toward Madison Square Park, he noticed theline of men whose beds were already secured, stretching out fromthe main body of the crowd. In the glare of the neighbouringelectric light he recognised a type of his own kind--the figureswhom he saw about the streets and in the lodging-houses, driftingin mind and body like himself. He wondered what it could be andturned back.
4.  "What's that?" said Carrie.
5.   "Good-night," he said, simulating an easy friendliness.
6.  "Then I noticed that that was your natural look, and to-night Isaw it again. There's a shadow about your eyes, too, which givesyour face much this same character. It's in the depth of them, Ithink."


1.  "No?" said Mrs. Hurstwood, inquiringly, and wondering why heshould be using the tone he did in noting the fact that she hadnot been to something she knew nothing about. It was on her lipsto say, "What was it?" when he added, "I saw your husband."
2.  "Well, we'll see about that. It seems to me you're trying to runthings with a pretty high hand of late. You talk as though yousettled my affairs for me. Well, you don't. You don't regulateanything that's connected with me. If you want to go, go, butyou won't hurry me by any such talk as that."
3.  "Why," said Drouet, puzzled at her tone, "you knew that, didn'tyou?"
4、  If the occupants of both flats answered to the whistle of thejanitor at the same time, they would stand face to face when theyopened the dumb-waiter doors. One morning, when Carrie went toremove her paper, the newcomer, a handsome brunette of perhapstwenty-three years of age, was there for a like purpose. She wasin a night-robe and dressing-gown, with her hair very muchtousled, but she looked so pretty and good-natured that Carrieinstantly conceived a liking for her. The newcomer did no morethan smile shamefacedly, but it was sufficient. Carrie felt thatshe would like to know her, and a similar feeling stirred in themind of the other, who admired Carrie's innocent face.
5、  "All alone?" she said.




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      "Only until Wednesday. I'm going up to St. Paul."

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      Carrie only rocked back and forth in her chair.

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       Drouet shared in the conversation, but he was almost dull incomparison. Hurstwood entertained them both, and now it wasdriven into Carrie's mind that here was the superior man. Sheinstinctively felt that he was stronger and higher, and yetwithal so simple. By the end of the third act she was sure thatDrouet was only a kindly soul, but otherwise defective. He sankevery moment in her estimation by the strong comparison.

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      "I want to see Miss Madenda," he tried to explain, even as he wasbeing hustled away. "I'm all right. I----"

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    {  Each day he could read in the evening papers of the doings withinthis walled city. In the notices of passengers for Europe heread the names of eminent frequenters of his old resort. In thetheatrical column appeared, from time to time, announcements ofthe latest successes of men he had known. He knew that they wereat their old gayeties. Pullmans were hauling them to and froabout the land, papers were greeting them with interestingmentions, the elegant lobbies of hotels and the glow of polisheddining-rooms were keeping them close within the walled city. Menwhom he had known, men whom he had tipped glasses with--rich men,and he was forgotten! Who was Mr. Wheeler? What was the WarrenStreet resort? Bah!

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      "Of course," said Carrie, her lip trembling in a strong effort tomaintain her composure. "But what's the matter with you,anyhow?"}

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      The motley company had increased to ten. One or two knew eachother and conversed. Others stood off a few feet, not wishing tobe in the crowd and yet not counted out. They were peevish,crusty, silent, eying nothing in particular and moving theirfeet.

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       The man wrote an order on a small card. "Take that to ourbarns," he said, "and give it to the foreman. He'll show youwhat to do."

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    {  Not long after the management decided to transfer the show toLondon. A second summer season did not seem to promise wellhere.

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      "Well, I'm to find out to-morrow," returned Carrie disliking todraw out a lie any longer than was necessary.