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1. 该店宣称可活杀现宰,速冻冰鲜,送货上门,且代办长途托运。
2. "Then why not sign 'em?" said Terry triumphantly.
3. 无奈之下,小姚联系上了金马驾校总部的校长任先生。
5. 七、汉代的教育思想
6.   In this habite and outward appearance, hee seemed to leade anaustere and sanctimonious life, highly commending penance andabstinence, never eating flesh, or drinking wine, but when he wasprovided of both in a close corner. And before any person could takenotice thereof, hee became (of a theefe) Ruffian, forswearer, andmurtherer, as formerly he had-beene a great Preacher; yet notabandoning the forenamed vices, when secretly he could put any of themin execution. Moreover, being made Priest, when he was celebratingMasse at the Altar, if he saw himselfe to be observed by any; he wouldmost mournefully reade the passion of our Saviour, as one whose tearescost him little, whensoever hee pleased to use them; so that, in ashort while, by his preaching and teares, he fed the humours of theVenetians so pleasingly, that they made him executor (well-neere) ofall their Testaments, yea, many chose him as depositary or Guardion oftheir monies; because he was both Confessour and Councellor, almost toall the men and women.


1.   It was the body of a tall, well-made man, about forty years ofage. He lay upon his back, his face upturned, with his white teethgrinning through his short, black beard. His two clenched hands wereraised above his head, and a heavy, blackthorn stick lay acrossthem. His dark, handsome, aquiline features were convulsed into aspasm of vindictive hatred, which had set his dead face in aterribly fiendish expression. He had evidently been in his bed whenthe alarm had broken out, for he wore a foppish, embroiderednightshirt, and his bare feet projected from his trousers. His headwas horribly injured, and the whole room bore witness to the savageferocity of the blow which had struck him down. Beside him lay theheavy poker, bent into a curve by the concussion. Holmes examined bothit and the indescribable wreck which it had wrought.
2. 12月3日,福建省福州市闽侯县公安局南屿派出所一名民警告诉澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn),该事件发生在12月2日下午的闽侯县泰禾红悦小区,被咬男子于12月3日报警。
3. adj. 勤奋的,用功的
4.   The only marked event of the afternoon was, that I saw the girlwith whom I had conversed in the verandah dismissed in disgrace byMiss Scatcherd from a history class, and sent to stand in the middleof the large schoolroom. The punishment seemed to me in a highdegree ignominious, especially for so great a girl- she lookedthirteen or upwards. I expected she would show signs of great distressand shame; but to my surprise she neither wept nor blushed:composed, though grave, she stood, the central mark of all eyes.'How can she bear it so quietly- so firmly?' I asked of myself.'Were I in her place, it seems to me I should wish the earth to openand swallow me up. She looks as if she were thinking of somethingbeyond her punishment- beyond her situation: of something not roundher nor before her. I have heard of day-dreams- is she in aday-dream now? Her eyes are fixed on the floor, but I am sure theydo not see it- her sight seems turned in, gone down into her heart:she is looking at what she can remember, I believe; not at what isreally present. I wonder what sort of a girl she is- whether good ornaughty.'
5. 提供产品设计培训,协助企业客户打造自己的研发团队。
6.   To this Eurymachus son of Polybus answered, "Take heart, QueenPenelope daughter of Icarius, and do not trouble yourself aboutthese matters. The man is not yet born, nor never will be, who shalllay hands upon your son Telemachus, while I yet live to look uponthe face of the earth. I say- and it shall surely be- that my spearshall be reddened with his blood; for many a time has Ulysses taken meon his knees, held wine up to my lips to drink, and put pieces of meatinto my hands. Therefore Telemachus is much the dearest friend I have,and has nothing to fear from the hands of us suitors. Of course, ifdeath comes to him from the gods, he cannot escape it." He said thisto quiet her, but in reality he was plotting against Telemachus.


1.   'Thank you: I shall do: I have no broken bones,- only a sprain;'and again he stood up and tried his foot, but the result extorted aninvoluntary 'Ugh!'
2. 1月22日至2月3日期间,全市累计出动城管执法人员42025人次,开展执法检查16219次,检查农贸市场、菜市场、商业街区、居住小区等重点区域及周边道路45147个(条),有力支持了社区环境整治。
3. 而实际上,网易似乎也从来没有掩饰过成为国际顶级企业、服务全球所有玩家的雄心。
4.   Some facts in regard to the colouring of pigeons well deserve consideration. The rock-pigeon is of a slaty-blue, and has a white rump (the Indian sub-species, C. intermedia of Strickland, having it bluish); the tail has a terminal dark bar, with the bases of the outer feathers externally edged with white; the wings have two black bars: some semi-domestic breeds and some apparently truly wild breeds have, besides the two black bars, the wings chequered with black. These several marks do not occur together in any other species of the whole family. Now, in every one of the domestic breeds, taking thoroughly well-bred birds, all the above marks, even to the white edging of the outer tail-feathers, sometimes concur perfectly developed. Moreover, when two birds belonging to two distinct breeds are crossed, neither of which is blue or has any of the above-specified marks, the mongrel offspring are very apt suddenly to acquire these characters; for instance, I crossed some uniformly white fantails with some uniformly black barbs, and they produced mottled brown and black birds; these I again crossed together, and one grandchild of the pure white fantail and pure black barb was of as beautiful a blue colour, with the white rump, double black wing-bar, and barred and white-edged tail-feathers, as any wild rock-pigeon! We can understand these facts, on the well-known principle of reversion to ancestral characters, if all the domestic breeds have descended from the rock-pigeon. But if we deny this, we must make one of the two following highly improbable suppositions. Either, firstly, that all the several imagined aboriginal stocks were coloured and marked like the rock-pigeon, although no other existing species is thus coloured and marked, so that in each separate breed there might be a tendency to revert to the very same colours and markings. Or, secondly, that each breed, even the purest, has within a dozen or, at most, within a score of generations, been crossed by the rock-pigeon: I say within a dozen or twenty generations, for we know of no fact countenancing the belief that the child ever reverts to some one ancestor, removed by a greater number of generations. In a breed which has been crossed only once with some distinct breed, the tendency to reversion to any character derived from such cross will naturally become less and less, as in each succeeding generation there will be less of the foreign blood; but when there has been no cross with a distinct breed, and there is a tendency in both parents to revert to a character, which has been lost during some former generation, this tendency, for all that we can see to the contrary, may be transmitted undiminished for an indefinite number of generations. These two distinct cases are often confounded in treatises on inheritance.Lastly, the hybrids or mongrels from between all the domestic breeds of pigeons are perfectly fertile. I can state this from my own observations, purposely made on the most distinct breeds. Now, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to bring forward one case of the hybrid offspring of two animals clearly distinct being themselves perfectly fertile. Some authors believe that long-continued domestication eliminates this strong tendency to sterility: from the history of the dog I think there is some probability in this hypothesis, if applied to species closely related together, though it is unsupported by a single experiment. But to extend the hypothesis so far as to suppose that species, aboriginally as distinct as carriers, tumblers, pouters, and fantails now are, should yield offspring perfectly fertile, inter se, seems to me rash in the extreme.
5.   "I know why you should be a success," he said, another time, "ifyou had a more dramatic part. I've studied it out----"
6.   Thus did they converse; but the others, when they had finished theirwork and the feast was ready, left off working, and took each hisproper place on the benches and seats. Then they began eating; byand by old Dolius and his sons left their work and came up, fortheir mother, the Sicel woman who looked after Laertes now that he wasgrowing old, had been to fetch them. When they saw Ulysses and werecertain it was he, they stood there lost in astonishment; butUlysses scolded them good-naturedly and said, "Sit down to yourdinner, old man, and never mind about your surprise; we have beenwanting to begin for some time and have been waiting for you."


1. 这里的数学知识只说明我们将得到以下两个结果之一:要么人人使用DSK,要么98%的人使用QWERTY。但它没有说明究竟会出现哪一个结果。假如我们从零开始,即什么排法也没有的时候,那么,DSK当然会有更大的机会成为占据优势地位的键盘排法。但实际情况并不是从零开始。历史很重要。历史上那个导致几乎100%的打字员都使用QWERTY的偶然事故,现在看来具有使自身永生不朽的本事,即便当初推动QWERTY发明的理由早已不存在。
2. 魏武帝的为人,到底是怎样的呢?这只要看建安十五年十二月己亥日他所发的令。便可知。道。这一道令,是载在《魏武故事》上面,而见于现在的《三国志注》里的。他的大要如下:
3. 因此不是实际的扣费额。
4.   Extinction
5.   `But you've got to begin,' said Clifford.
6. 想一想再看


1. 地方重大案件判处死刑,经刑部复核,由六部尚书与通政使、都察院左都御史、大理寺卿等九人,习称“九卿”会同定案,例在每年八月进行,称为“秋审”。霜降后至冬至前,审理刑部审决的京城案件,称为“朝审”。每年夏季自小满后十日至立秋前一日,大理寺官员、刑部承办司与各道御史会审京城的答杖等轻罪案件,称为“热审”。
2.   "I never heard the name," said I.
3. 陆大昕的职业生涯开始于1996年。

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