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1. 周玮介绍,1月19日20时,宁夏回族自治区人民医院(以下简称自治区人民医院)西夏分院接诊一名来自武汉发热患者。
2. 数字化正畸是利用数字化技术获取全方位的病例信息,在平台上对3D模型、软组织、X光片、CBCT等内容进行多角度的精确分析,让医生能够系统性地考虑正畸问题,并用数字化技术辅助设计治疗方案。
3.   "I'm out of work and out of money and I've got to get something,--it doesn't matter what. I don't care to talk about what I'vebeen, but if you'd tell me how to get something to do, I'd bemuch obliged to you. It wouldn't matter if it only lasted a fewdays just now. I've got to have something."
4. 这种民众的抵抗真的就是一种神话。一些人喜欢质问这一块的历史研究者:你到底站在义和团这边,还是八国联军这边?其实不存在这样的问题。我们不是要挑边站,批评义和团,决不意味着就支持八国联军。但是八国联军是怎么来的呢?我们有必要先放下民族主义情结来看问题。如果你威胁到了人家的使馆,那么人家更会出兵了。其实当时西方对于中国发生这样的问题是很震惊的,当时欧洲两大阵营已经开始形成,正积极备战,他们作出联合出兵的选择,难免有些尴尬和无奈。他们想不到,中国一直向西方学习,到这个时候会突然来了个大倒退。所以说,上面那个问题本身就是很荒唐的。义和团和八国联军真的就是一而二、二而一的选择么?这个选择题本身就有问题。
5. 他们在英国时是老朋友,已经多年没有见面了。
6.   "How was that?"


1.   "How much is it worth?"
2. 据报道,这名农夫在农场附近的水沟发现一只雌性猫头鹰,以为它受伤无法自行脱困便把它救起,接着把猫头鹰放置一旁的草地上,希望等它羽毛干燥后能自行飞走,但等了许久却不见猫头鹰有飞行的欲望,检查羽毛和身体都没有发现外伤,农夫相当困惑,决定把猫头鹰送到保育中心仔细检查。
3. 该课程为虚拟商品,暂不支持退款和发票。
4. 该情况说明称,2016年约8月,张继昭与文广局相关负责人面谈表示,创作经费暂不需政府投资,搬上舞台后争取国家艺术基金(最高可达200万),如果申请成功,政府奖励多少是多少。
5. 西汉中期以后用陶质明器取代实用的贵重器物随葬,是中-国古代丧葬礼俗的一次重大变革,说明随着庄园经济的发展,社会上层对随葬品的观念有了显著的改变,认为将庄园中的所有财产都制成象征性的陶质明器埋入墓中,比那些数量有限的贵重器物更有意义,更能全面展示他们所拥有的财富①。
6. 这个数列有许多有趣的性质,并不只是在它的数字之间存在连续性关系这一点。


1. 查俄国使臣忽然骤至,未审意欲何为,连日亦未来请见,当饬华商杨访等密探。旋据报称……今因俄酋到此,极力怂恿英、佛(法)打仗,并云在京日久,述及都门并津沽防堵各情形,言之者凿。谆告普鲁斯(Bruce)及布尔布隆(Bourboulon),不必误听人言,二三其见,竟赴天津打仗,必须毁去大沽炮台,和议方能成就。前普酋、布酋为其所惑,主战之意坚。
2. 马某和张某的盗气行为终于败露。
3. 初九日,也先抵紫荆关,督促瓦刺军攻关。投降瓦刺军的明宦官喜宁引瓦刺军由山间小路越过山岭,腹背夹攻关城,守备都御史孙祥、都指挥韩清战死,紫荆关被攻破。瓦刺军由紫荆关和白羊口两路进逼北京。十月十一日,抵北京城下,列阵西直门外,将明英宗幽禁在德胜门外空房内以为要挟(袁彬《北征事迹》)。都督高礼、毛福寿袭击瓦刺军于彰义门北,杀敌数百人,夺还所掠干余人。喜宁向也先建策,要明臣出迎英宗。明廷以通政使参议王复、中书舍人赵荣到也先营见英宗。也先对王复等说:“尔小官,可令胡濙、于谦、王直、石亨、杨善等来”。
4. 可就这一年多的时间,自家7亩多的鱼塘一共赚了8万元。
5. 好未来从去年开始构建中台架构。
6. "One day blue--one day red--one day green," he told us, and pulled from his pouch another strip of bright-hued cloth.


1. 合作模式有多种,除了帮助金融机构获客外,四季为农建立了一整套农机风控系统模型和产品,并提供贷后管理服务,收取技术服务费。
2. 想一想再看
3. 多家企业回复界面新闻记者称,正在对此做相应的扩容准备。
4. 我们在设计并且生产出消费着需要的产品的旅程中发现,产品的设定和生产要素,跟流程、工艺、市场、消费习惯、销售策略、区域、气候等等都有千丝万缕的关系,数字化能够帮我把这个轮廓勾勒出来。
5.   Boyes I have knowne, and seene,
6.   This maid, of which I tell my tale express, She kept herself, her needed no mistress; For in her living maidens mighte read, As in a book, ev'ry good word and deed That longeth to a maiden virtuous; She was so prudent and so bounteous. For which the fame out sprang on every side Both of her beauty and her bounte* wide: *goodness That through the land they praised her each one That loved virtue, save envy alone, That sorry is of other manne's weal, And glad is of his sorrow and unheal* -- *misfortune The Doctor maketh this descriptioun. -- <5> This maiden on a day went in the town Toward a temple, with her mother dear, As is of younge maidens the mannere. Now was there then a justice in that town, That governor was of that regioun: And so befell, this judge his eyen cast Upon this maid, avising* her full fast, *observing As she came forth by where this judge stood; Anon his hearte changed and his mood, So was he caught with beauty of this maid And to himself full privily he said, "This maiden shall be mine *for any man."* *despite what any Anon the fiend into his hearte ran, man may do* And taught him suddenly, that he by sleight This maiden to his purpose winne might. For certes, by no force, nor by no meed,* *bribe, reward Him thought he was not able for to speed; For she was strong of friendes, and eke she Confirmed was in such sov'reign bounte, That well he wist he might her never win, As for to make her with her body sin. For which, with great deliberatioun, He sent after a clerk <6> was in the town, The which he knew for subtle and for bold. This judge unto this clerk his tale told In secret wise, and made him to assure He shoulde tell it to no creature, And if he did, he shoulde lose his head. And when assented was this cursed rede,* *counsel, plot Glad was the judge, and made him greate cheer, And gave him giftes precious and dear. When shapen* was all their conspiracy *arranged From point to point, how that his lechery Performed shoulde be full subtilly, As ye shall hear it after openly, Home went this clerk, that highte Claudius. This false judge, that highte Appius, -- (So was his name, for it is no fable, But knowen for a storial* thing notable; *historical, authentic The sentence* of it sooth** is out of doubt); -- *account **true This false judge went now fast about To hasten his delight all that he may. And so befell, soon after on a day, This false judge, as telleth us the story, As he was wont, sat in his consistory, And gave his doomes* upon sundry case'; *judgments This false clerk came forth *a full great pace,* *in haste And saide; Lord, if that it be your will, As do me right upon this piteous bill,* *petition In which I plain upon Virginius. And if that he will say it is not thus, I will it prove, and finde good witness, That sooth is what my bille will express." The judge answer'd, "Of this, in his absence, I may not give definitive sentence. Let do* him call, and I will gladly hear; *cause Thou shalt have alle right, and no wrong here." Virginius came to weet* the judge's will, *know, learn And right anon was read this cursed bill; The sentence of it was as ye shall hear "To you, my lord, Sir Appius so clear, Sheweth your poore servant Claudius, How that a knight called Virginius, Against the law, against all equity, Holdeth, express against the will of me, My servant, which that is my thrall* by right, *slave Which from my house was stolen on a night, While that she was full young; I will it preve* *prove By witness, lord, so that it you *not grieve;* *be not displeasing* She is his daughter not, what so he say. Wherefore to you, my lord the judge, I pray, Yield me my thrall, if that it be your will." Lo, this was all the sentence of the bill. Virginius gan upon the clerk behold; But hastily, ere he his tale told, And would have proved it, as should a knight, And eke by witnessing of many a wight, That all was false that said his adversary, This cursed judge would no longer tarry, Nor hear a word more of Virginius, But gave his judgement, and saide thus: "I deem* anon this clerk his servant have; *pronounce, determine Thou shalt no longer in thy house her save. Go, bring her forth, and put her in our ward The clerk shall have his thrall: thus I award."


1. 展开全文在快充方面,2020年也将有质的飞跃。
2. 就医的过程本身让我有些不舒服。
3. 3,NathanVanderKlippe:您刚才说,一开始,您以为这件事是因为误解,法律上的误解产生的。

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