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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, she DID love me!"
2.  At the door of the chapel D'Artagnan felt his courage fall anew, andreturned to look for Athos; but Athos had disappeared.Faithful to his mission of vengeance, Athos had requested to beconducted to the garden; and there upon the sand following the lightsteps of this woman, who left sharp tracks wherever she went, headvanced toward the gate which led into the wood, and causing it to beopened, he went out into the forest.
3.  The second commissary was as much bewildered as the first hadbeen by the simple and firm declaration of the Musketeer, uponwhom he was anxious to take the revenge which men of the robelike at all times to gain over men of the sword; but the name ofM. de Treville, and that of M. de la Tremouille, commanded alittle reflection.
4.  "Monseigneur," replied Athos, for amid the general fright healone had preserved the noble calmness and coolness that neverforsook him, "Monseigneur, the Musketeers, when they are not onduty, or when their duty is over, drink and play at dice, andthey are certainly superior officers to their lackeys.""Lackeys?" grumbled the cardinal. "Lackeys who have the order towarn their masters when anyone passes are not lackeys, they aresentinels."
5.  Lord de Winter arrived at the appointed time; but Athos,being warned of his coming, went into the other chamber. Hetherefore found D'Artagnan alone, and as it was nearly eighto'clock he took the young man with him.
6.  Upon gaining this advantage D'Artagnan was near uttering a cry ofsurprise; it was not Aramis who was conversing with the nocturnalvisitor, it was a woman! D'Artagnan, however, could only seeenough to recognize the form of her vestments, not enough todistinguish her features.


1.  "Go to, go to! I must have been mad to allow myself to becarried away so," says she, gazing into the glass, which reflectsback to her eyes the burning glance by which she appears tointerrogate herself. "No violence; violence is the proof ofweakness. In the first place, I have never succeeded by thatmeans. Perhaps if I employed my strength against women I mightperchance find them weaker than myself, and consequently conquerthem; but it is with men that I struggle, and I am but a woman tothem. Let me fight like a woman, then; my strength is in myweakness."
2.  D'Artagnan uttered an exclamation of surprise andindignation.
3.  "And you did not know that it was inhabited by a young man?""No."
4.  And both, with free use of the spur, arrived at St. Omer withoutdrawing bit. At St. Omer they breathed their horses with thebridles passed under their arms for fear of accident, and ate amorsel from their hands on the stones of the street, after theydeparted again.
5.  M. Bonacieux was in the greatest perplexity possible. Had hebetter deny everything or tell everything? By denying all, itmight be suspected that he must know too much to avow; byconfessing all he might prove his good will. He decided, then,to tell all.
6.  "Monday next."


1.  "You have cut her to the heart."
2.  "Now, gentlemen," said Athos, when he had ascertained there were fivechambers free in the hotel, "let everyone retire to his own apartment.D'Artagnan needs to be alone, to weep and to sleep. I take charge ofeverything; be easy."
3.  And he darted out of the room, shut the door, and waited in thecorridor, the soldier's half-pike in his hand, and as if he hadmounted guard in his place.
4.  "Can we have destroyed them all, from the first to thelast?" said Athos.
5.   "My dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis, "don't be too angry with me, Ibeg. Necessity has no law; besides, I am the person punished, asthat rascally horsedealer has robbed me of fifty louis, at least.Ah, you fellows are good managers! You ride on our lackey'shorses, and have your own gallant steeds led along carefully byhand, at short stages."
6.  "Oh, yes, him! I know him; not personally, but from having heardthe queen speak of him more than once as a brave and loyalgentleman."


1.  "Thanks, my brave lover; but as you are satisfied of mylove, you must, in your turn, satisfy me of yours. Is itnot so?"
2.  "Yes, it was so, my Lord, it was so--in the left side, and with aknife. Who can possibly have told you I had had that dream? Ihave imparted it to no one but my God, and that in my prayers.""I ask for no more. You love me, madame; it is enough.""I love you, I?"
3.  The queen cast a glance around her, and saw the cardinal behind,with a diabolical smile on his countenance.
4、  "How much in that little bag?"
5、  She allowed, therefore, half an hour to pass away; and as at thatmoment all was silence in the old castle, as nothing was heardbut the eternal murmur of the waves--that immense breaking of theocean--with her pure, harmonious, and powerful voice, she beganthe first couplet of the psalm then in great favor with thePuritans:




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      "But how?"

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      Athos shrugged his shoulders, and followed his guards silently,while M. Bonacieux uttered lamentations enough to break the heartof a tiger.

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       As Lord de Winter had thought, Milady's wound was not dangerous.So soon as she was left alone with the woman whom the baron hadsummoned to her assistance she opened her eyes.

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      "Whence comes that money?"

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    {  "Yes. If Monsieur Aramis hesitates to come," he said, "tellhim I am from Tours."

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      "Very well," said D'Artagnan, "I shall discover them; as thesesecrets may have an influence over your life, these secrets mustbecome mine."}

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      "And now," said D'Artagnan, "to the Governor's."

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      "I do not retreat, MORDIEU!" cried the citizen, swearing in orderto rouse his courage. "Besides, by the faith of Bonacieux--""You call yourself Bonacieux?" interrupted D'Artagnan."Yes, that is my name."

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       "Well, then, instead of pitying me, you would do much betterto assist me in avenging myself on your mistress.""And what sort of revenge would you take?"

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    {  "You have my word," said he; "for the second time I give youyour life."

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      "Speak! By the word of a gentleman, you shall have no cause torepent of your confidence."