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1. 在后一个场合:
2.   Thereon he floated about for two nights and two days in the water,with a heavy swell on the sea and death staring him in the face; butwhen the third day broke, the wind fell and there was a dead calmwithout so much as a breath of air stirring. As he rose on the swellhe looked eagerly ahead, and could see land quite near. Then, aschildren rejoice when their dear father begins to get better afterhaving for a long time borne sore affliction sent him by some angryspirit, but the gods deliver him from evil, so was Ulysses thankfulwhen he again saw land and trees, and swam on with all his strengththat he might once more set foot upon dry ground. When, however, hegot within earshot, he began to hear the surf thundering up againstthe rocks, for the swell still broke against them with a terrificroar. Everything was enveloped in spray; there were no harbourswhere a ship might ride, nor shelter of any kind, but onlyheadlands, low-lying rocks, and mountain tops.
3.   "Indeed! you know them likewise? I know them," cried Milady, who beganto feel a chill penetrate her heart.
4.   'Uriah,' she replied, after a moment's hesitation, 'has made himself indispensable to papa. He is subtle and watchful. He has mastered papa's weaknesses, fostered them, and taken advantage of them, until - to say all that I mean in a word, Trotwood, - until papa is afraid of him.'
6. The first five daughters had grown up in an atmosphere of holy calm, of awed watchful waiting, of breathless prayer. To them the longed-for motherhood was not only a personal joy, but a nation's hope. Their twenty-five daughters in turn, with a stronger hope, a richer, wider outlook, with the devoted love and care of all the surviving population, grew up as a holy sisterhood, their whole ardent youth looking forward to their great office. And at last they were left alone; the white-haired First Mother was gone, and this one family, five sisters, twenty-five first cousins, and a hundred and twenty-five second cousins, began a new race.


1. ·让投资人知道如何盈利,进而更容易引入外部资本,加快公司发展。
2. 自己有两个前同事现在都在这个行业打拼,其中一位还是在我引导(咳咳,准确来说是误导)下,进入了这个行当。
3. 小汐:我一直梦想变美,我也想过正常人的生活,但我一直以为我不会等到那一天,因为真的需要很多钱。
4. 正入前文所说,医药是众多股市惨淡板块中的另一强势板块,的确,它的强势主要受益于疫情的影响,而相关在线医疗公司也在疫情期间,得到不同程度的用户增长,如阿里健康、腾讯健康、平安好医生等,纷纷开通在线义诊服务,极大缓解线下医疗的压力,使人们在足不出户的情况下,更好享受线上诊疗服务。
5. 我问医生我得了什么病,医生说CT显示肺部有问题。
6.   Returning in her soul ay up and down The wordes of this sudden Diomede,<85> His great estate,* the peril of the town, *rank And that she was alone, and hadde need Of friendes' help; and thus began to dread The causes why, the soothe for to tell, That she took fully the purpose for to dwell.* *remain (with the Greeks) The morrow came, and, ghostly* for to speak, *plainly This Diomede is come unto Cresseide; And shortly, lest that ye my tale break, So well he for himselfe spake and said, That all her sighes sore adown he laid; And finally, the soothe for to sayn, He refte* her the great** of all her pain. *took away **the greater part of And after this, the story telleth us That she him gave the faire baye steed The which she ones won of Troilus; And eke a brooch (and that was little need) That Troilus' was, she gave this Diomede; And eke, the bet from sorrow him to relieve, She made him wear a pensel* of her sleeve. *pendant <86>


1. 出现问题之后,应拿起法律武器维权。
2. 当天晚上,杭州警方发布通报称,51信用卡被突击调查原因在于,其委托的外包催收公司冒充国家机关,采取恐吓、滋扰等软暴力手段催收债务,涉嫌寻衅滋事。
3. 随后,民警将犯罪嫌疑人口头传唤到派出所,进行了相关调查。
4. 靠户口制度、靠城乡差别限制不同背景、不同身份人的选择空问,不仅违背自由原则,而且使农村人只能去工资低于边际生产率的企业打工,那是制度强制下的非自由选择、制度性剥削。从数理模型上能证明这点。富士康的条件比许多其他企业优越,所以,局部而言它没有剥削,但很难说那不是制度性剥削的体现。
5. 江华也呼吁国家对医美行业加强管控,目的是让医美机构更规范、更标准化,让医美行业回归医疗本质。
6.   Guided by theoretical considerations, I thought that some interesting results might be obtained in regard to the nature and relations of the species which vary most, by tabulating all the varieties in several well-worked floras. At first this seemed a simple task; but Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I am much indebted for valuable advice and assistance on this subject, soon convinced me that there were many difficulties, as did subsequently Dr Hooker, even in stronger terms. I shall reserve for my future work the discussion of these difficulties, and the tables themselves of the proportional numbers of the varying species. Dr Hooker permits me to add, that after having carefully read my manuscript, and examined the tables, he thinks that the following statements are fairly well established. The whole subject, however, treated as it necessarily here is with much brevity, is rather perplexing, and allusions cannot be avoided to the 'struggle for existence,' 'divergence of character,' and other questions, hereafter to be discussed.


1. (作者魏程琳系西北农林科技大学人文社会发展学院副教授,武汉大学中国乡村治理研究中心研究员)点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情实时更新|武汉新型肺炎全国疫情地图。
2.   "Impossible!"
3. 单词channel 联想记忆:
4.   "My first move was to get down to his home, Tuxbury Old Park, nearBedford, and to see for myself how the ground lay. I wrote to themother, therefore- I had had quite enough of the curmudgeon of afather- and I made a clean frontal attack: Godfrey was my chum, Ihad a great deal of interest which I might tell her of our commonexperiences, I should be in the neighbourhood, would there be anyobjection, et cetera? In reply I had quite an amiable answer fromher and an offer to put me up for the night. That was what took medown on Monday.
5.   "Why didn't the baron come himself?" demanded Buckingham. "I expectedhim this morning."
6. 2008年,张兰引入了国内知名投资方鼎晖投资。


1. 联想配合有关部门搭建的全国性防疫平台正在紧急建设之中。
2. 手术后,丁女士发现床头柜上有几块被切割下来的皮肤,自己脸部两侧有十几厘米较粗的疤痕,沈医生声称这疤痕不要多久就会痊愈且没有痕迹,丁女士便放心的支付了4000元手续费。
3. 车子驶入湖北省界,熊楚英和王慎才渐渐紧张起来,他们将口罩戴紧。

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