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1. 经过进一步调查,初步怀疑王师傅家水井中的抽水泵可能存在漏电情况。
2. 以后的梁王也各有王师,兼任宣政院所属的云南诸路释教都总统,管理云南的寺院。元代云南有许多供摩诃葛刺的神庙,传说是因南诏威成王尊信的缘故。摩词葛刺是喇嘛教的护法神,即元人所谓“番僧所奉之神”,这种信仰反映了喇嘛教的影响。
3.   "I can give it to you in a very few words, Mr. Holmes," said he atlast. "There are some things that are painful as well as difficultto say, so I won't go deeper than is needful. I met my wife when I wasgold-hunting in Brazil. Maria Pinto was the daughter of a governmentofficial at Manaos, and she was very beautiful. I was young and ardentin those days, but even now, as I look back with colder blood and amore critical eye, I can see that she was rare and wonderful in herbeauty. It was a deep rich nature, too, passionate, whole-hearted,tropical, ill-balanced, very different from the American women whomI had known. Well, to make a long story short, I loved her and Imarried her. It was only when the romance had passed- and itlingered for years- that I realized that we had nothing- absolutelynothing- in common. My love faded. If hers had faded also it mighthave been easier. But you know the wonderful way of women! Do what Imight, nothing could turn her from me. If I have been harsh to her,even brutal as some have said, it has been because I knew that if Icould kill her love, or if it turned to hate, it would be easier forboth of us. But nothing changed her. She adored me in those Englishwoods as she had adored me twenty years ago on the banks of theAmazon. Do what I might, she was as devoted as ever.
4. “我去那里就是为了挣钱”,张兰后来如此总结自己的国外淘金之旅。
5. 能链集团(车主邦/团油/快电)成立于2016年,利用一年多时间完成业务模型验证及技术储备,从2018年初开始快速复制,2年时间完成能源供需双方的数字化连接,打造出覆盖全国400个城市的油电一体化出行能源新基础设施网络。
6. 不幸的是,第二天早上郝先生父亲因一氧化碳中毒死亡,母亲目前仍在医院接受治疗。


1. 所有市民要服从社区封闭管理,一律少出门、不串门、不集聚。
2. 她也表示非常不解,没有想到同床共枕的枕边人竟然利用她的身份证相关信息和她家人的相关照片在网络上实施诈骗。
3. 对此,该局已要求营口某银行对上述违规业务操作的经办人员、主要负责人员进行处罚。
4. "Put down your doll," said Miss Minchin. "What do you mean by bringing her here?"
5.   'You have heard the "counting-house" mentioned, or the business, or the cellars, or the wharf, or something about it.'
6. "I dare say it is rather hard to be a rat," she mused. "Nobody likes you. People jump and run away and scream out, `Oh, a horrid rat!' I shouldn't like people to scream and jump and say, `Oh, a horrid Sara!' the moment they saw me. And set traps for me, and pretend they were dinner. It's so different to be a sparrow. But nobody asked this rat if he wanted to be a rat when he was made. Nobody said, `Wouldn't you rather be a sparrow?'"


1. 知识分子CEO纪中展认为内容创业天花板是需要被打破的,“当内容成为入口的时候,它就会有很多可能。
2.   She who but now passed.
3.   "Yes, I fancy we may have some company dropping in," said he. "Iam surprised that Lord St. Simon has not already arrived. Ha! Ifancy that I hear his step now upon the stairs.'
4. 田悦摄最后我想说,这些天走过来,武汉正从最初的慌乱逐渐走向有序,尽管还存在这样或那样的问题。
5. 事件发生后,该院向上级主管部门进行了报告,并全面清理了院内所有医用耗材的使用情况,强化查对制度执行,避免类似事件再次发生。
6.   In a material way, she was considerably improved. Herawkwardness had all but passed, leaving, if anything, a quaintresidue which was as pleasing as perfect grace. Her little shoesnow fitted her smartly and had high heels. She had learned muchabout laces and those little neckpieces which add so much to awoman's appearance. Her form had filled out until it wasadmirably plump and well-rounded.


1. 而且,就算我们已经克服许多昨日的苦难,但想要获得快乐,可能远比解除痛苦更加困难。对于一个濒临饿死的中世纪农民,只要给他一块面包,就能让他非常快乐。但如果是一个百无聊赖、薪水超高、身体超重的现代工程师,你要怎么让他快乐起来?对美国而言,20世纪后半叶是一个黄金时代。先是在第二次世界大战中获胜,随后在冷战时期也取得更关键的胜利,让美国成为全球首屈一指的超级大国。从1950年到2000年,美国GDP从2万亿美元增长到12万亿美元。人均实际收入增加了一倍。新发明的避孕药让性爱变得前所未有的无拘无束。妇女、同性恋、非洲裔美国人和其他少数民族也终于从美国这块大饼中分到了比过去大许多的一块。便宜的汽车、冰箱、空调、吸尘器、洗碗机、洗衣机、电话、电视和计算机如潮水般涌来,人们的日常生活彻底变了样。但研究显示,美国人在20世纪90年代的主观幸福感,与20世纪50年代的调查结果仍然大致相同。34
2.   "And the first takes up the chant again, `All praise to Him who lives for evermore.'"
3. 曾经特斯拉也遭遇做空。
4.   "One moment!" said Holmes. "Who opened the door?"
5.   Camaralzaman was much surprised at hearing the king--whom he never suspected of being a woman in disguise--asserting their acquaintance, for he felt sure he had never seen her before. However he received all the praises bestowed on him with becoming modesty, and prostrating himself, said:
6. This was not a new thought, but quite an old one, by this time. It had consoled her through many a bitter day, and she had gone about the house with an expression in her face which Miss Minchin could not understand and which was a source of great annoyance to her, as it seemed as if the child were mentally living a life which held her above he rest of the world. It was as if she scarcely heard the rude and acid things said to her; or, if she heard them, did not care for them at all. Sometimes, when she was in the midst of some harsh, domineering speech, Miss Minchin would find the still, unchildish eyes fixed upon her with something like a proud smile in them. At such times she did not know that Sara was saying to herself:


1. X
2.   "Perhaps he is waiting for a better price."
3. 先贤还有一句话没说,叫做人都是逼出来的。

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      Calandrino threw wanton glances at her, and seeing she was bothfaire and lovely, began to finde some occasion of tarrying, so that hereturned not with water to his other associates, yet neither knowingher, or daring to deliver one word. She, who was not to learn herlesson in alluring, noting what affectionate regards (withbashfulnesse) he gave her: answered him more boldly with the like; butmeerly in scorning manner, breathing forth divers dissembled sighsamong them: so that Calandrino became foolishly inveigled with herlove, and would not depart out of the Court, until Phillippo, standingabove in his Chamber window called her thence.

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      We shall have helped it,' returned madame, with her extended hand in strong action. `Nothing that we do, is done in vain. I believe, with all my soul, that we shall see the triumph. But even if not, even if I knew certainly not, show me the neck of an aristocrat and tyrant, and still I would--'