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1. "There is a lot of paper and rubbish stuffed in here!" she exclaimed. "If we light it, there will be a bright blaze for a few minutes, and we shall feel as if it was a real fire." She struck a match and lighted it up with a great specious glow which illuminated the room.
2. 每日优鲜商业模式建立在三个前提上,对应用户侧、供给侧,和公司能力。
3. adj. 代理的,副的
4.   "As spoke he drove the ram outside, but when we were a little wayout from the cave and yards, I first got from under the ram's belly,and then freed my comrades; as for the sheep, which were very fat,by constantly heading them in the right direction we managed todrive them down to the ship. The crew rejoiced greatly at seeing thoseof us who had escaped death, but wept for the others whom theCyclops had killed. However, I made signs to them by nodding andfrowning that they were to hush their crying, and told them to get allthe sheep on board at once and put out to sea; so they went aboard,took their places, and smote the grey sea with their oars. Then,when I had got as far out as my voice would reach, I began to jeerat the Cyclops.
5. "May I have something to eat?" Sara asked rather faintly.
6. 2012年12月,马春亮提起行政赔偿诉讼,认为河东区市场监督管理局(河东区工商局机构改革后已撤销)不予颁发企业营业执照,给其造成巨大经济损失,提出7176万元行政赔偿申请。


1. 面对巨大需求,如何快速从海外各地调度口罩,是东方国际集团旗下龙头股份副总经理谭明等人连日来的任务。
2.   Bessie invited him to walk into the breakfast-room, and led the wayout. In the interview which followed between him and Mrs. Reed, Ipresume, from after-occurrences, that the apothecary ventured torecommend my being sent to school; and the recommendation was no doubtreadily enough adopted; for as Abbot said, in discussing the subjectwith Bessie when both sat sewing in the nursery one night, after I wasin bed, and, as they thought, asleep, 'Missis was, she dared say, gladenough to get rid of such a tiresome, ill-conditioned child, whoalways looked as if she were watching everybody, and scheming plotsunderhand.' Abbot, I think, gave me credit for being a sort ofinfantine Guy Fawkes.
3. 这时距离救援队接到报案,已经有大约6个小时。
4. 因此,就算我们在有生之年还无法达到永生,这场与死亡的战争仍有可能是接下来这个世纪的旗舰计划。考虑到我们对于“生命神圣”的信念、整个科学界的动向,再加上最重要的资本主义经济的需求,一场对死亡的无情战争似乎已不可避免。我们的意识形态看重人类的生命,绝不允许我们轻易接受人类死亡。只要人是出于某种原因而死,我们就会努力战胜这种原因。
5. 而服装行业争相受到创业者和投资人青睐,概括起来无非是市场规模大、需求倒逼供应链升级、行业机械化自动化基础好。
6. combat


1. 2006年被推举为中国社会科学院荣誉学部委员。
2. 为了使整个装置里面的铀的密度达到最大限度,弹芯和高强力炸药球体装置之间的空隙已经缩小到一英寸的千分之几。在洛斯阿拉莫斯,一共做了三套这种弹芯装置和高强力炸药球体装置。但是,在制造的最后一分钟的忙乱中,不同元件做的并不能互相代用,其后果,自然是这样:不是所有的弹芯装置和高强力炸药球体装置相吻合。运来的这套是经过非常仔细地挑选过的,元件之间也被认为是配套的。难道由于最后时刻的马虎,把元件拿错了?
3. 发力宝沃打造汽车新零售在瑞幸咖啡迅猛发展的同时,陆正耀也并未闲着。
4.   `If you hear in my voice--I don't know that it is so, but I hope it is--if you hear in my voice any resemblance to a voice that once was sweet music in your ears, weep for it, weep for it! If you touch, in touching my hair, anything that recalls a beloved head that lay on your breast when you were young and free, weep for it, weep for it! If, when I hint to you of a Home that is before us, where I will be true to you with all my duty and with all my faithful service, I bring back the remembrance of a Home long desolate, while your poor heart pined away, weep for it, weep for it!'
5.   'And what is hell? Can you tell me that?'
6. 所以,产品贯穿了一个企业的上下游,从企业定位、战略制定、营销策略再到销售和售后,贯穿整个价值链条。


1.   Within a while after, Melisso being gone from Giosefo, andreturned home to his owne house: hee acquainted a wise and reverendman, with the answere which king Salomon gave him, whereto heereceived this reply. No better or truer advise could possibly be givenyou, for well you know, that you love not any man; but the bountifulbanquets you bestow on them, is more in respect of your ownevaine-glory, then any kind affection you beare to them: Learne then tolove men, as Salomon advised, and you shall be beloved of them againe.Thus our unruly Wife became mildely reclaimed, and the yong Gentleman,by loving others, found the fruits of reciporall affection.
2. 在此期间,许多其他物种大量死亡,包括簇绒海雀,海狮和须鲸。
3. "Up yonder," "Over there," "Way up"--was all the direction they could offer, but their legends all agreed on the main point --that there was this strange country where no men lived--only women and girl children.
4.   其他业主并不纠结裂缝出现的原因,他们只想开发商赶紧把房子修复好。
5. 该讣告称,梁武东同志于1959年3月出生,2019年3月7日退休。
6.   Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically. The cataclysm has happened, we are among the ruins, we start to build up new little habitats, to have new little hopes. It is rather hard work: there is now no smooth road into the future: but we go round, or scramble over the obstacles. We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.


1. 7岁父母离异,初中毕业后,他与同乡到广州打工。
2.   The child lifted an arm, pointing down the drive. `At th' cottidge.'
3. "Dear me," said Lavinia, "how we can calculate!" In fact, it was not to be denied that sixteen and four made twenty--and twenty was an age the most daring were scarcely bold enough to dream of.

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      "Hopkins has called me in seven times, and on each occasion hissummons has been entirely justified," said Holmes. "I fancy that everyone of his cases has found its way into your collection, and I mustadmit, Watson, that you have some power of selection, which atones formuch which I deplore in your narratives. Your fatal habit of lookingat everything from the point of view of a story instead of as ascientific exercise has ruined what might have been an instructive andeven classical series of demonstrations. You slur over work of theutmost finesse and delicacy, in order to dwell upon sensationaldetails which may excite, but cannot possibly instruct, the reader.""Why do you not write them yourself?" I said, with some bitterness."I will, my dear Watson, I will. At present I am, as you know,fairly busy, but I propose to devote my declining years to thecomposition of a textbook, which shall focus the whole art ofdetection into one volume. Our present research appears to be a caseof murder."

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      When a variation is of the slightest use to a being, we cannot tell how much of it to attribute to the accumulative action of natural selection, and how much to the conditions of life. Thus, it is well known to furriers that animals of the same species have thicker and better fur the more severe the climate is under which they have lived; but who can tell how much of this difference may be due to the warmest-clad individuals having been favoured and preserved during many generations, and how much to the direct action of the severe climate? for it would appear that climate has some direct action on the hair of our domestic quadrupeds.

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      So next morning Mick was more uneasy than ever; restless, devoured, with his hands restless in his trousers pockets. Connie had not visited him in the night...and he had not known where to find her. Coquetry!...at his moment of triumph.