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1. 所以微博以其简单、友好的产品体验,在短短2年内,吸引了中国一半的网民开通了微博。
2. 面对巨头携生态与资金带来的巨大冲击,创业之初的UCloud为拓展市场、更深入的了解客户需求和痛点,建立了业内公有云第一支直销团队,实现了从0到1的突破。
3.   19. Romances that be royal: so called because they related to Charlemagne and his family.
4.   "Oh, yes," said Carrie, smiling.
5. To explain Miss St. John's amazement one must recall that a new pupil is, for a short time, a somewhat uncertain thing; and of this new pupil the entire school had talked the night before until it fell asleep quite exhausted by excitement and contradictory stories. A new pupil with a carriage and a pony and a maid, and a voyage from India to discuss, was not an ordinary acquaintance.
6. 只有抛弃情绪才能做出更准确的预测和决策?错。


1. Being at last considered sufficiently tamed and trained to be trusted with scissors, we barbered ourselves as best we could. A close-trimmed beard is certainly more comfortable than a full one. Razors, naturally, they could not supply.
2.   "So be it, then," replied the count, and extending his handtowards a calendar, suspended near the chimney-piece, hesaid, "to-day is the 21st of February;" and drawing out hiswatch, added, "it is exactly half-past ten o'clock. Nowpromise me to remember this, and expect me the 21st of Mayat the same hour in the forenoon."
3.   Then following the clew that, in the hands of the AbbeFaria, had been so skilfully used to guide him through theDaedalian labyrinth of probabilities, he thought that theCardinal Spada, anxious not to be watched, had entered thecreek, concealed his little barque, followed the line markedby the notches in the rock, and at the end of it had buriedhis treasure. It was this idea that had brought Dantes backto the circular rock. One thing only perplexed Edmond, anddestroyed his theory. How could this rock, which weighedseveral tons, have been lifted to this spot, without the aidof many men? Suddenly an idea flashed across his mind.Instead of raising it, thought he, they have lowered it. Andhe sprang from the rock in order to inspect the base onwhich it had formerly stood. He soon perceived that a slopehad been formed, and the rock had slid along this until itstopped at the spot it now occupied. A large stone hadserved as a wedge; flints and pebbles had been insertedaround it, so as to conceal the orifice; this species ofmasonry had been covered with earth, and grass and weeds hadgrown there, moss had clung to the stones, myrtle-bushes hadtaken root, and the old rock seemed fixed to the earth.
4. 于是想到塞入肥皂,增加润滑,将磁力珠排出体外。
5. 原标题:广州地陷坑洞大部分回填,官方称安装钢护筒继续深挖救援广州市委宣传部对外宣传与新闻发布处处长龚艳华表示,救援还在进行中,回填是为了加固边坡,正是为了保证救援才做的。
6. 也许,你在安检时的一点耐心配合就是对他们莫大的支持。


1. 在Facebook成名之前,互联网老牌巨头Google认为机器才是未来互联网的核心,这个观点曾一度影响了互联网的发展。
2. 其中,2015年净利润增长的一共有2527家,占到“僵尸股”总数的67.21%。
4. 查看全部解释
5. 孙师傅介绍,公司有专门的验房报告app,验房过程发现的每一处问题,都需要拍照上传,写明缺陷具体位置。
6.   'Come, eat something,' she said; but I put both away from me,feeling as if a drop or a crumb would have choked me in my presentcondition. Helen regarded me, probably with surprise: I could notnow abate my agitation, though I tried hard; I continued to weepaloud. She sat down on the ground near me, embraced her knees with herarms, and rested her head upon them; in that attitude she remainedsilent as an Indian. I was the first who spoke-


1. 此外顺丰还向武汉派出了两架专机,运输了32吨医疗救援物资。
2. 在接下来的11个小时中,这只狼都是在鲍罗迪斯基的汽车上度过。
3. 经查,1月29日16时31分,张某杰(男,21岁,甘肃省镇原县人,无固定职业)与朋友苗某任(男,18岁,河北省张家口市人,无固定职业)到昆明市盘龙区云南顺丰速运一营业点寄件。
4. 沿海劳动人民修塘捍海,是一项巨大的工程。真宗时,民工数百万,修固浙江捍海塘,一年多修成,控御了海水。仁宗时,民夫四万多人修建通州楚州捍海堰,修成后使海水泻卤之地,化为良田,并阻挡住凤潮的袭击,保障了农业生产。
5.   "Meanest thou not that Urban," quoth he tho,* *then "That is so often damned to be dead, And wons* in halkes** always to and fro, *dwells **corners And dare not ones putte forth his head? Men should him brennen* in a fire so red, *burn If he were found, or if men might him spy: And us also, to bear him company.
6. 在计量(统计)经济学大行其道的今天,「回归分析」(regressionanalysis)对「其他因素」的处理可以帮一点忙。问题是这种分析陷阱太多,容易中计!好些时用这种分析的人中了计也不知道。


1. 如果“9·11”事件属于传统军事行动,那么最受关注的应该是五角大楼袭击事件。基地组织不仅摧毁了敌军中央指挥部的一部分,也造成敌方高级指挥官和战略分析人员的伤亡。但为什么公共记忆印象更鲜明的是他们摧毁了两栋民用建筑,造成了股票经纪人、会计师和文员的伤亡?
2. 原标题:城镇化不能见“数”不见人据报道,尽管中央三令五申,推进新型城镇化不能靠行政命令、搞运动式,但记者在多地采访发现,一些地方存在人为推高城镇化率数字乱象。
3.   "I mean as though I labour'd me in this To inquire which thing cause of which thing be; As, whether that the prescience of God is The certain cause of the necessity Of thinges that to come be, pardie! Or if necessity of thing coming Be cause certain of the purveying.

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      Pass over this; I go my tale unto. Ere that the pot be on the fire y-do* *placed Of metals, with a certain quantity My lord them tempers,* and no man but he *adjusts the proportions (Now he is gone, I dare say boldely); For as men say, he can do craftily, Algate* I wot well he hath such a name, *although And yet full oft he runneth into blame; And know ye how? full oft it happ'neth so, The pot to-breaks, and farewell! all is go'.* *gone These metals be of so great violence, Our walles may not make them resistence, *But if* they were wrought of lime and stone; *unless* They pierce so, that through the wall they gon; And some of them sink down into the ground (Thus have we lost by times many a pound), And some are scatter'd all the floor about; Some leap into the roof withoute doubt. Though that the fiend not in our sight him show, I trowe that he be with us, that shrew;* *impious wretch In helle, where that he is lord and sire, Is there no more woe, rancour, nor ire. When that our pot is broke, as I have said, Every man chides, and holds him *evil apaid.* *dissatisfied* Some said it was *long on* the fire-making; *because of <11>* Some saide nay, it was on the blowing (Then was I fear'd, for that was mine office); "Straw!" quoth the third, "ye be *lewed and **nice, *ignorant **foolish It was not temper'd* as it ought to be." *mixed in due proportions "Nay," quoth the fourthe, "stint* and hearken me; *stop Because our fire was not y-made of beech, That is the cause, and other none, *so the'ch.* *so may I thrive* I cannot tell whereon it was along, But well I wot great strife is us among." "What?" quoth my lord, "there is no more to do'n, Of these perils I will beware eftsoon.* *another time I am right sicker* that the pot was crazed.** *sure **cracked Be as be may, be ye no thing amazed.* *confounded As usage is, let sweep the floor as swithe;* *quickly Pluck up your heartes and be glad and blithe."

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      Upon a day, being alone by her selfe, and the time seemingsuteable to her intention: shee sent for the Count, under colour ofsome other important conference with him. The Count D'Aongiers,whose thoughts were quite contrary to hers: immediately went to her,where they both sitting downe together on a beds side in herChamber, according as formerly shee had plotted her purpose; twice heedemaunded of her, upon what occasion she had thus sent for him. Shesitting a long while silent, as if she had no answere to make him,pressed by the violence of her amorous passions, a Vermillion tinctureleaping up into her face, yet shame enforcing teares from her eyes,with words broken and halfe confused, at last she began to deliver herminde in this manner.