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1.   Finding his doore to be fast lockt, and he having knockt softlieonce or twice, he spake in this manner to himselfe. Fortune I thankethee, for albeit thou hast made mee poore, yet thou hast bestowed abetter blessing on me, in matching me with so good, honest, and lovinga Wife. Behold, though I went early out of my house, her selfe hathrisen in the cold to shut the doore, to prevent the entrance oftheeves, or any other that might offend us. Peronella having heardwhat her husband sayde, and knowing the manner of his knocke, saidfearfully to Striguario. Alas deare friend, what shall wee doe? I amlittle lesse then a dead Woman: For, Lazaro my Husband is come backeagain, and I know not what to do or say. He never returned in thisorder before now, doubtlesse, hee saw when you entred the doore; andfor the safety of your honour and mine: creepe under this brewing Fat,till I have opened the doore, to know the reason of his so soonereturning.
2. (海外网-李萌实习编译-韩佳彤)
3.   "So be it, old friend," answered Telemachus, "but I am come nowbecause I want to see you, and to learn whether my mother is stillat her old home or whether some one else has married her, so thatthe bed of Ulysses is without bedding and covered with cobwebs."
4. 美国国家公路安全局在去年4月份表示已经确认了丰田汽车的两次正面碰撞事件,包括一次致命的碰撞事件,安全气囊可能因为电气过应力问题未弹出。
5. 在这些登记表中,王庄村三组的耕地补偿面积缩水最为严重,三组耕地为500余亩,而实际征地补偿少了115亩。
6. 看起来,他们拿这家“失联”数天的公司毫无办法,只能求助于媒体曝光。


1.   Her grave is in Brocklebridge churchyard: for fifteen years afterher death it was only covered by a grassy mound; but now a grey marbletablet marks the spot, inscribed with her name, and the word'Resurgam.'
2.   At last the Chicago firm answered. It was by Mr. Moy'sdictation. He was astonished that Hurstwood had done this; verysorry that it had come about as it had. If the money werereturned, they would not trouble to prosecute him, as they reallybore him no ill-will. As for his returning, or their restoringhim to his former position, they had not quite decided what theeffect of it would be. They would think it over and correspondwith him later, possibly, after a little time, and so on.
3. 我带孩子去游乐场玩,碰到‘跳楼机项目时,孩子问我它叫跳楼机,是不是跳楼很好玩?听到这样的话之后,曹晖意识到孩子的认知存在问题。
4. 作为医生,这是一种本能。
5. ●2011年,鄂尔多斯干脆给青年汽车配套了6亿吨煤炭和10亿吨煤炭。
6.   And tempests roar in emulation From sea to land, from land to sea, Andraging form, without cessation, A chain of wondrous agency, Full in thethunder's path careering, Flaring the swift destructions play; But, Lord, Thyservants are revering The mild procession of thy day.The Three


1.   "I am always the last man out."
2. "`Go to the ant, thou sluggard'--and learn something," he said triumphantly. "Don't they cooperate pretty well? You can't beat it. This place is just like an enormous anthill--you know an anthill is nothing but a nursery. And how about bees? Don't they manage to cooperate and love one another?
3. 永平十三年(公元70年),男子燕广告发刘英与渔阳王平、颜忠等造作图书,有逆谋,事下案验,有司奏英招聚奸猾,造作图谶,擅相官秩,置诸侯王公将军二千石,大逆不道,请诛之。帝以亲亲不忍,乃废英,徙丹阳泾县,赐汤沐邑五百户。……明年,英至丹阳,自杀。立国三十年,国除①。
4. 不过,时间不等人,特朗普总统也正通过威胁退出谈判而极力增添一些戏剧性的紧张感。
5.   The supplication touched him home. `I will always remember it, dear Heart! I will remember it as long as I live.'
6. 原标题:陕西宁强发现5座宋墓墓中竟有喵星人砖雕出土的黑釉瓷罐出土的猫咪砖雕墓葬发掘现场本报讯(记者张佳)宋代的墓葬砖雕达到了墓葬建造的高峰,摆脱了壁画装饰的禁锢。


1.   An instant afterward the three young men separated, agreeingto meet again at four o'clock with Athos, and leavingPlanchet to guard the house.
2. 我算是当时那个时代很少数不是CopytoChina的创业者。
3. 在自己熟悉的区域里面做一些创新、叠加、提升、迭代的事情,这才是真正的价值所在。
4. 在赖昌星的拉拢下,厦门市的很多政府部门相继“沦陷”。厦门海关几乎就是为赖家所开,远华有专门的中转点“海鑫堆场”,货物从港口直接拉到堆场后,海关人员先是圈定要查验的集装箱箱号,走私分子则立即根据集装箱号单,将装有香烟、汽车等高税率的走私货物集装箱掏空,再填进事先准备好的木浆、聚丙烯等低率、且与报关品名相符的货物,办妥手续交付海关查验。经过如此一番“倒柜”,走私物品就顺利入关。厦门商检局为远华提供虚假的“鉴定证明”,使走私货物“合法化”。福建一些地方公安机关为走私汽车非法办理汽车罚没证明,使几千辆走私汽车流入国内市场。一些金融机构向远华提供大量贷款,仅交通银行厦门市分行就先后违规开出25笔信用证,总金额达3841万美元。
5. 但我们还要花大量人力,物力,财力去围绕天猫的游戏规则运作。
6. 为了拯救话语权,百事和可口可乐都在通过并购、研发等方式扩充自己的饮料品类。


1. 某种情况下,往往一个客户的订单就能救活一家公司。
2. 北京大学第一医院呼吸和危重症医学科主任、新型冠状病毒感染肺炎专家组成员王广发。
3. 她说自己对一切个人筹款的项目表示警惕,群里几乎每一位爱心人士,都经历过诈捐、骗捐的事情,大家都被骗怕了。

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      Something of daylight still lingered, and the moon was waxingbright: I could see him plainly. His figure was enveloped in ariding cloak, fur collared and steel clasped; its details were notapparent, but I traced the general points of middle height andconsiderable breadth of chest. He had a dark face, with stern featuresand a heavy brow; his eyes and gathered eyebrows looked ireful andthwarted just now; he was past youth, but had not reachedmiddle-age; perhaps he might be thirty-five. I felt no fear of him,and but little shyness. Had he been a handsome, heroic-looking younggentleman, I should not have dared to stand thus questioning himagainst his will, and offering my services unasked. I had hardlyever seen a handsome youth; never in my life spoken to one. I had atheoretical reverence and homage for beauty, elegance, gallantry,fascination; but had I met those qualities incarnate in masculineshape, I should have known instinctively that they neither had norcould have sympathy with anything in me, and should have shunnedthem as one would fire, lightning, or anything else that is bright butantipathetic.

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    In the evening, when she passed houses whose windows were lighted up, she used to look into the warm rooms and amuse herself by imagining things about the people she saw sitting before the fires or about the tables. It always interested her to catch glimpses of rooms before the shutters were closed. There were several families in the square in which Miss Minchin lived, with which she had become quite familiar in a way of her own. The one she liked best she called the Large Family. She called it the Large Family not because the members of it were big--for, indeed, most of them were little-- but because there were so many of them. There were eight children in the Large Family, and a stout, rosy mother, and a stout, rosy father, and a stout, rosy grandmother, and any number of servants. The eight children were always either being taken out to walk or to ride in perambulators by comfortable nurses, or they were going to drive with their mamma, or they were flying to the door in the evening to meet their papa and kiss him and dance around him and drag off his overcoat and look in the pockets for packages, or they were crowding about the nursery windows and looking out and pushing each other and laughing--in fact, they were always doing something enjoyable and suited to the tastes of a large family. Sara was quite fond of them, and had given them names out of books-- quite romantic names. She called them the Montmorencys when she did not call them the Large Family. The fat, fair baby with the lace cap was Ethelberta Beauchamp Montmorency; the next baby was Violet Cholmondeley Montmorency; the little boy who could just stagger and who had such round legs was Sydney Cecil Vivian Montmorency; and then came Lilian Evangeline Maud Marion, Rosalind Gladys, Guy Clarence, Veronica Eustacia, and Claude Harold Hector.

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      "But then, philosopher that you are," said D'Artagnan, "instructme, support me. I stand in need of being taught and consoled.""Consoled for what?"

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      Another chorus now succeeds, Far off the drums are beating. Be still! Thebitterns 'mong the reeds Their one note are repeating.Dancing Master