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1. 教育惩戒权第一次被明确写入中央文件,足见其重要程度。
2.   Lord de Winter rose, saluted her ironically, and went out.Milady breathed again. She had still four days before her. Fourdays would quite suffice to complete the seduction of Felton.A terrible idea, however, rushed into her mind. She thought thatLord de Winter would perhaps send Felton himself to get the ordersigned by the Duke of Buckingham. In that case Felton wouldescape her--for in order to secure success, the magic of acontinuous seduction was necessary. Nevertheless, as we havesaid, one circumstance reassured her. Felton had not spoken.As she would not appear to be agitated by the threats of Lord deWinter, she placed herself at the table and ate.
3. 不过,将虚拟财产定性为物权的法律认识并不科学,这主要有几个原因。
4.   'Well, for once it may pass; but please not to let the circumstanceoccur too often. And there is another thing which surprised me; Ifind, in settling accounts with the housekeeper, that a lunch,consisting of bread and cheese, has twice been served out to the girlsduring the past fortnight. How is this? I looked over the regulations,and I find no such meal as lunch mentioned. Who introduced thisinnovation? and by what authority?'
5. 郭东坦言,毛卓云就像他生命进入到最后时刻手边的最后一根救命稻草。
6. 接线员管园君告诉经济观察网,红十字会捐赠大厅已经放满了物资,现在在寻找合适的仓库,每天接收物资的仓库都不一样,需要及时告知捐赠者。


1. 这是夸张吗,怎么会“希望已经死去”?
2.   "But, my dear love, reflect a little upon what you require of me.London is far from Paris, very far, and perhaps the commissionwith which you charge me is not without dangers?""What matters it, if you avoid them?"
3. 单词shorten 联想记忆:
4. 红发海贼团能做大成为四皇海贼团,其中有不少功劳要归于贝克曼。
5. 夏崇宗为了进一步巩固皇权的统治,又采用汉人封王的制度,对嵬名氏宗室加封王爵。一一○三年,崇宗弟察哥封为晋王,掌握兵权。察哥勇猛善战,是皇室中有谋略的大将。一一二○年,又封宗室景思子仁忠为濮王,次子仁礼为舒王。景思在惠宗秉常被四时,曾防止了罔萌讹等对惠宗的暗害,是与后族梁氏对立的皇室贵族。这时,景思已死,仁忠、仁礼通蕃、汉字,善文学,成为辅佐皇室的文臣。
6. 李小强就吃过客户的闭门羹,他是阿里云智能新零售乳业线的负责人。


1.   Traddles looked at me, as if he wondered what I was talking about.
2.   But early in 1918 Clifford was shipped home smashed, and there was no child. And Sir Geoffrey died of chagrin.
3.   'I am sure you have no occasion to be so, ma'am,' I said, 'unless you like.'
4.   I will, however, give one curious and complex case, not indeed as affecting any important character, but from occurring in several species of the same genus, partly under domestication and partly under nature. It is a case apparently of reversion. The ass not rarely has very distinct transverse bars on its legs, like those of a zebra: it has been asserted that these are plainest in the foal, and from inquiries which I have made, I believe this to be true. It has also been asserted that the stripe on each shoulder is sometimes double. The shoulder-stripe is certainly very variable in length and outline. A white ass, but not an albino, has been described without either spinal or shoulder-stripe; and these stripes are sometimes very obscure, or actually quite lost, in dark-coloured asses. The koulan of Pallas is said to have been seen with a double shoulder-stripe; but traces of it, as stated by Mr Blyth and others, occasionally appear: and I have been informed by Colonel Poole that foals of this species are generally striped on the legs, and faintly on the shoulder. The quagga, though so plainly barred like a zebra over the body, is without bars on the legs; but Dr Gray has figured one specimen with very distinct zebra-like bars on the hocks.With respect to the horse, I have collected cases in England of the spinal stripe in horses of the most distinct breeds, and of all colours; transverse bars on the legs are not rare in duns, mouse-duns, and in one instance in a chestnut: a faint shoulder-stripe may sometimes be seen in duns, and I have seen a trace in a bay horse. My son made a careful examination and sketch for me of a dun Belgian cart-horse with a double stripe on each shoulder and with leg-stripes; and a man, whom I can implicitly trust, has examined for me a small dun Welch pony with three short parallel stripes on each shoulder.
5.   "Is Mr. Drouet in?" said Hurstwood blandly.
6.   Mephistopheles (to Faust)


1. 但看得出,作为父亲,他不是没有反思。
3.   This frightened Irus still more, but they brought him into themiddle of the court, and the two men raised their hands to fight. ThenUlysses considered whether he should let drive so hard at him as tomake an end of him then and there, or whether he should give him alighter blow that should only knock him down; in the end he deemedit best to give the lighter blow for fear the Achaeans should begin tosuspect who he was. Then they began to fight, and Irus hit Ulysseson the right shoulder; but Ulysses gave Irus a blow on the neckunder the ear that broke in the bones of his skull, and the blood camegushing out of his mouth; he fell groaning in the dust, gnashing histeeth and kicking on the ground, but the suitors threw up theirhands and nearly died of laughter, as Ulysses caught hold of him bythe foot and dragged him into the outer court as far as thegate-house. There he propped him up against the wall and put his staffin his hands. "Sit here," said he, "and keep the dogs and pigs off;you are a pitiful creature, and if you try to make yourself king ofthe beggars any more you shall fare still worse."
4. 两广人民起义——起义发生于嘉靖元年(一五二二年)七月。广西起义于十一月间被两广总督张嵿镇压。广东新宁恩平蔡猛三等领导的农民武装众至数万,连年转战各地,直到一五二四年三月,才被官军镇压而失败,蔡猛三被杀,被官军杀害和俘虏的反抗者多至一万四千人。
5. 兴奋之余的同程集团董事长吴志祥连发两条朋友圈点赞咪店称15天,同程四个团队,5000人从全体被失业到全体自救再上岗,危中求机,合力拼搏,同程生活卖菜一天近1亿,咪店一天1000万,只要心中有梦,眼中有光,创业者不死!全面赋能咪店帮扶十万企业自救同程国旅的自救案例在哀鸿遍野的旅游行业引起了极大轰动,目前从互联网旅游门户巨头,到小的城市级旅行社,已经纷纷接触咪店寻求战略合作,并已有近百家旅游企业进驻咪店企业自救SAAS系统,但咪店的目标远非局限于单纯对旅游行业的帮扶。
6. 换句话说,我们看到的只是气候变化方面的虚假黎明。


1.   "If this is so," they said, "we must cease to come here."
2.   `It's an amusing idea, Charlie,' said Dukes, `that sex is just another form of talk, where you act the words instead of saying them. I suppose it's quite true. I suppose we might exchange as many sensations and emotions with women as we do ideas about the weather, and so on. Sex might be a sort of normal physical conversation between a man and a woman. You don't talk to a woman unless you have ideas in common: that is you don't talk with any interest. And in the same way, unless you had some emotion or sympathy in common with a woman you wouldn't sleep with her. But if you had...'
3. 而另一方面,尽管绝大部分员工都表现得非常镇定,但是其中也有没有回家的湖北员工,每天都需要花费数小时安慰家人的,不仅自己近乎崩溃,管理层也感到非常难受。

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      ERE the half-hour ended, five o'clock struck; school was dismissed,and all were gone into the refectory to tea. I now ventured todescend: it was deep dusk; I retired into a corner and sat down on thefloor. The spell by which I had been so far supported began todissolve; reaction took place, and soon, so overwhelming was the griefthat seized me, I sank prostrate with my face to the ground. Now Iwept: Helen Burns was not here; nothing sustained me; left to myself Iabandoned myself, and my tears watered the boards. I had meant to beso good, and to do so much at Lowood: to make so many friends, to earnrespect and win affection. Already I had made visible progress; thatvery morning I had reached the head of my class; Miss Miller hadpraised me warmly; Miss Temple had smiled approbation; she hadpromised to teach me drawing, and to let me learn French, if Icontinued to make similar improvement two months longer: and then Iwas well received by my fellow-pupils; treated as an equal by those ofmy own age, and not molested by any; now, here I lay again crushed andtrodden on; and could I ever rise more?

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      Now, they were the vizir Giafar and his suite arriving at full speed from Bagdad. For several days after Noureddin's departure with the letter the Caliph had forgotten to send the express with the patent, without which the letter was useless. Hearing a beautiful voice one day in the women's part of the palace uttering lamentations, he was informed that it was the voice of the fair Persian, and suddenly calling to mind the patent, he sent for Giafar, and ordered him to make for Balsora with the utmost speed-- if Noureddin were dead, to hang Saouy; if he were still alive, to bring him at once to Bagdad along with the king and Saouy.

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    The app D'Aloisio designed, Summly, compresses long pieces of text into a few representative sentences. When he released an early iteration, tech observers realized that an app that could deliver brief, accurate summaries would be hugely valuable in a world where we read everything-from news stories to corporate reports-on our phones, on the go. The app attracted the interest of investors around the world, ranging from Hollywood celebrities to Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, the wealthiest man in Asia.

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