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1.   "Dentro la testa!" answered a solemn and imperious voice,accompanied by a menacing gesture. Danglars thought dentrola testa meant, "Put in your head!" He was making rapidprogress in Italian. He obeyed, not without some uneasiness,which, momentarily increasing, caused his mind, instead ofbeing as unoccupied as it was when he began his journey, tofill with ideas which were very likely to keep a travellerawake, more especially one in such a situation as Danglars.His eyes acquired that quality which in the first moment ofstrong emotion enables them to see distinctly, and whichafterwards fails from being too much taxed. Before we arealarmed, we see correctly; when we are alarmed, we seedouble; and when we have been alarmed, we see nothing buttrouble. Danglars observed a man in a cloak galloping at theright hand of the carriage.
2.   "On the contrary, it is of her. Yours is a pretty business.""But," said the agitated mercer, "do me the pleasure, monsieur,to tell me how my own proper affair can become worse by anythingmy wife does while I am in prison?"
3. “It’s eerie how similar this space is to CRM when Marc Benioff launched Salesforce.com,” said Mitch Harper, who co-founded the company in 2009 with co-CEO Eddie Machaalani. “The parallels are uncanny.”
4.   "'Precisely.' He opened the case, and there, imbedded in soft,flesh-coloured velvet, lay the magnificent piece of jewellery which hehad named. 'There are thirty-nine enormous beryls,' said he, 'andthe price of the gold chasing is incalculable. The lowest estimatewould put the worth of the coronet at double the sum which I haveasked. I am prepared to leave it with you as my security.'"I took the precious case into my hands and looked in someperplexity from it to my illustrious client.
5. “如果看了半天都没投,或者很好的方向根本不看,或者基金没募到资没钱可投,大家做事的积极性受挫,就开心不起来了。
6.   Lord Holdhurst shrugged his shoulders.


1.   But the maiden absolutely refused to attend to her father's words, and at length, in despair, the grand-vizir was obliged to give way, and went sadly to the palace to tell the Sultan that the following evening he would bring him Scheherazade.
2. 24日当天,上海市静安区人民法院对王思聪发布的三条限制消费令也已撤销。
3. 吴亦凡该庆幸自己遇到管虎后又遇到了一位了解自己优点,并能使之放光发亮的导演赵真奎。
4. 要选取的价值有变动,会影响你的行为;要放弃的价值(代价或成本)有变动,也会影响你的行为。高斯说,要获取的价值与要放弃的成本是同一钱币的两面。问题是要解释行为,我们要把这二者分清楚。若二者有混淆,比较复杂的推理就变得麻烦了。记着:最高代价不变,成本不变。
5. 您觉得什么时候会转向声音小一点的谈?什么时候你们会就达成某种和解协议展开具体的讨论?任正非:如果美国政府找不到证据,它没有什么理由、声音小一点的时候,我们的声音也可以小一点。
6. 借助使用Google的TensorFlow训练的AI算法,它可以区分每条神经的各个脉冲。


1. 1个月后,她决定和沱沱在一起。
2.   There was no answer ready for this. He had got used to thesuggestion.
3.   The advantage of diversification in the inhabitants of the same region is, in fact, the same as that of the physiological division of labour in the organs of the same individual body a subject so well elucidated by Milne Edwards. No physiologist doubts that a stomach by being adapted to digest vegetable matter alone, or flesh alone, draws most nutriment from these substances. So in the general economy of any land, the more widely and perfectly the animals and plants are diversified for different habits of life, so will a greater number of individuals be capable of there supporting themselves. A set of animals, with their organisation but little diversified, could hardly compete with a set more perfectly diversified in structure. It may be doubted, for instance, whether the Australian marsupials, which are divided into groups differing but little from each other, and feebly representing, as Mr Waterhouse and others have remarked, our carnivorous, ruminant, and rodent mammals, could successfully compete with these well-pronounced orders. In the Australian mammals, we see the process of diversification in an early and incomplete stage of development.After the foregoing discussion, which ought to have been much amplified, we may, I think, assume that the modified descendants of any one species will succeed by so much the better as they become more diversified in structure, and are thus enabled to encroach on places occupied by other beings. Now let us see how this principle of great benefit being derived from divergence of character, combined with the principles of natural selection and of extinction, will tend to act.
4. Miss Minchin knew she had tried, and that it had not been her fault that she was not allowed to explain. And when she saw that the pupils had been listening and that Lavinia and Jessie were giggling behind their French grammars, she felt infuriated.
5. 在这里列举下我常用的方案设计步骤,供参考:每次都按照这样的方法做,相信你不仅能提升效率,还能加深自己的深度思考能力。
6.   He had hardly done speaking when Amphinomus turned in his placeand saw the ship inside the harbour, with the crew lowering her sails,and putting by their oars; so he laughed, and said to the others,"We need not send them any message, for they are here. Some god musthave told them, or else they saw the ship go by, and could notovertake her.


1. 他说,这种情况使用的宅基地都是经统一规划和批准的,应予以确权登记。
2. 北京三中院介绍,王明(化名)是张可的上级主管,二人因公入住酒店的相邻房间。
3. 2016年6月,加弄、加忙、地平等6个村组的群众组建了养鸡场,成立农民养鸡专业合作社。
4. 在现场人群的齐声倒数中,荔枝创始人赖奕龙挂着招牌式微笑。
5.   "Yes, I sent wires from Woking station to every evening paper inLondon. This advertisement will appear in each of them."He handed over a sheet torn from a notebook. On it was scribbled inpencil:
6. [班加罗尔]班加罗尔是印度南部城市,卡纳塔克邦的首府,印度第五大城市,人口约850万人。印度在1947年独立以后,班加罗尔发展成重工业的中心。高科技公司在班加罗尔的成功建立使其成为印度信息科技的中心,被誉为“亚洲的硅谷”。班加罗尔是印度科技研究的枢纽,其中的印度科学学院是印度历史最为悠久的大学和研究所。其他重要的研究院还有印度天文物理学学院、拉曼研究学院、贾瓦哈拉尔·尼赫鲁高等科学研究中心、印度国家生物学中心和印度统计。···更多


1. 您家莫急莫急,在医院门口?我马上安排人出来接。
2.   'Nothing: I covered my face with the bedclothes, and turned fromher to the wall.'
3. 那时,人们还不认识放射性的危害。即使如此,卢瑟福还是被感动了:出于对这对镭泰斗一片真诚之情的感激,出于对这对伉俪对科学事业的献身精神的钦佩,出于对他们的光辉成就的称颂之情,他内心不由得泛起了无限的敬意。

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