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1. 如果是道路外的公共停车场,也会设有醒目的停车收费信息牌。
2. 说到底,每个成员所具备的素质比团队的规模更重要。
3.   "And now," said Morrel, when he had finished the first partof his recital, "now I have told you of my love and myhopes, may I inform you of my intentions?"
4.   He was nearing his last hundred dollars.
5. Attractions: Food, culture and scary stories
6. 其他专利申请活跃的中国企业还包括中兴、阿里巴巴、小米、比亚迪和海尔,这些中企均在欧洲迅速扩张。


1. Ferreira added that while the entire Brazilian population has suffered during preparations for the World Cup, mostly because of big construction projects that have snarled traffic and extended already long commutes for the poor who live on the outskirts of cities, she feels like only the rich are reaping the benefits of the real World Cup experience.
2. 责任编辑:康亮
3. 汉代作为封建专制的社会,即使在与民休息的初期,居于统治地位的王公贵族与官绅阶层对广大平民百姓的剥削和压迫也是广泛存在的,这从贾谊、晁错等人的政论中即可看到。武帝之后,则愈演愈烈,百姓生活也更加贫困痛苦,就是《汉书》、《后汉书》这样的官修正史也不能讳言,像贫民常衣牛马之衣,食犬彘之食,卖田宅,鬻子孙以偿债,甚至有将自己在市上与牛马同栏出售为奴的记载。特别到两汉末年,社会动乱,人民遭遇越发悲惨。然而就文学艺术而言,当时居于主体地位的辞赋则极少有所涉及,只是在乐府民歌中得到了集中而形象的表现,收到了使人心灵震颤的艺术效果。例如相和曲辞中的名篇《妇病行》:妇病连年累岁,传呼丈人前一言。当言未及言,不知泪下一何翩翩。属累君两三孤子,莫我儿饥且寒,有过慎莫笪笞。行当折摇,思复念之!乱曰:抱时无衣,襦复无里;闭门塞牖,舍孤儿到市。道逢亲交,泣坐不能起。
4. 如此巨大的财富自然吸引采矿者从世界各地蜂拥而来,这转而又导致了使《布隆方丹协议》过时的纠纷。一方面,布尔人憎恨入侵者,企图限制他们的特权,而另一方面,英国政府正遭受着不顾《布隆丹协议》中所承担的义务、去吞并矿藏丰富的地区的强大压力。扩张主义最有力的鼓吹者是传奇人物塞西尔·罗得斯;他的一生从当一个身体虚弱的移民开始,以帝国主义的大富翁代表者的身份而告终。同早些时候的征服者一样,他以极端残忍的手段,首先在金刚石产地,然后在金矿矿山中积聚起巨大的财富。但是,对罗得斯来说,财富本身并不是目的,而是达到更大目标——扩大英帝国统治——的手段。“那就是我的梦想——全归英国所有”,当他在金伯利还是个小伙子时常向北朝着辽阔的非洲内地挥舞着手这样说道。
5. 我今年52岁了,从我的父辈他们就兢兢业业、艰苦奋斗地建设獐子岛,到现在我自己只能在近海钓钓鱼。
6.   There was no fish for breakfast, and not much of anything else. Mr. Cruncher was out of spirits, and out of temper, and kept an iron pot-lid by him as a projectile for the correction of Mrs. Cruncher, in case he should observe any symptoms of her saying Grace. He was brushed and washed at the usual hour, and set off with his son to pursue his ostensible calling.


1.   意向的秩序更加艰难。
2. 长沙市望城区一家名叫顺祥的老年公寓,情况比爱之心更为严重。
3. 因为只有那些疯狂到以为自己能改变世界的人,才能真正改变世界。
4. 马斯克在播客中表示:由于我真的不想当首席执行官,并正在努力使SpaceX正常运转,所以他们让我选择CEO。
5.   The half-dozen who were peering at the chain were still among the wheels, like sheep; the wheels turned so suddenly that they were lucky to save their skins and bones; they had very little else to save, or they might not have been so fortunate.
6.   Moreover, in some apt and convenient place of thy house, theremust be a forge or furnace erected, framed in decent and formallfashion, and neere it a large table placed, ordered in such sort, asstanding upright on feete, and leaning the reines of thy backe againstit; thou must stande stedfastly in that manner every night, withoutthe least motion or stirring, untill the breake of day appeareth,and thine eyes still uppon the Furnace fixed, to keepe ever in memory,the true order which I have prescribed. So soone as the morning isseene, thou mayest (if thou wilt) walke, or rest a little upon thybed, and afterward go about thy businesse, if thou have any. Then goto dinner, attending readily till the evenings approch, preparing suchthings as I will readily set thee downe in writing, without whichthere is not any thing to bee done; and then returne to the same taskeagaine, not varying a jot from the course directed. Before the time befully expired, thou shalt perceive many apparant signes, that thestone is still in absolute forwardnesse, but it will bee utterlylost if thou fayle in the least of all the observances. And when theexperience hath crowned thy labour, thou art sure to have thePhilosophers stone, and thereby shalt be able to enrich all, and workewonders beside.


1. 海南海口喜来登酒店等9家饭店被取消五星级旅游饭店资格,四川天府丽都喜来登饭店等6家饭店被要求限期整改12个月。
2. 恰克四条约康熙时,准噶尔部噶尔丹拥乓反清,曾多次与俄国联络,企求援助。噶尔丹败死后,喀尔喀蒙古诸部返回故地。清朝即向俄国提出,划定北段即喀尔喀蒙古地区的边界,以确定北部边疆。雍正帝即位,曾向俄国重申此议。一七二五年,俄国女皇叶卡捷琳娜第一即位,派遣萨瓦为全权大使,来北京庆贺雍正帝登基,并商谈缔结商约、划定边界、引渡逃犯和在中国传教诸事。一七二六年十月,萨瓦到达北京,与清吏部尚书查弼纳、理藩院尚书特古成、兵部侍郎图理深会谈。经过三十多次会议,到次年三月初十日基本上达成协议。五月十六日,隆科多(六月被雍正帝撤回北京)、郡王策凌、年大臣四格、兵部侍郎图理深与俄国代表萨瓦、科留赤夫、郎克、格拉儒诺夫,在布尔河岸举行会议,勘察、划定两国边界。七月十三日(公历九月一日),两国代表签订边界条约,即《布连斯奇条约》。双方又根据在北京达成的协议原则,以及会勘的边境界图,于九月初七日(公历十一月一日)签订《恰克图条约》。条约共十一条,其主要之点是:(一)划定中俄北段边界。由沙毕纳依岭至额尔古纳河之间,依据山川形势和设立鄂博的原则,确立自楚库河以西,沿布尔古特依山,至沙毕纳依岭,为两国边界(即今蒙苏边界)。乌第何等处,暂置为两边公中地方,均不得侵占居住。(二)商定贸易管理事项。俄国商人限在二百人以内,每三年来北京一次。两国交界地带的日常零星贸易,指定尼布楚和恰克图两地,准免税建造房屋,但沿途需经正道。如有绕道或赴他处贸易者,将贸易货物入官。(三)规定俄罗斯馆留居人员。准许北京俄罗斯人居住俄罗斯馆,并在馆内建造东正教教堂。俄国学生由国子监满汉助教各一人,住馆教习满汉语文。
3.   To see me thou dost breathe thine invocation, My voice to hear, to gaze uponmy brow; Me doth thy strong entreaty bow Lo! I am here! - What coweringagitation Grasps thee, the demigod! Where's now the soul's deep cry? Whereis the breast, which in its depths a world conceiv'd And bore and cherished?which, with ecstacy, To rank itself with us, the spirits, heaved? Where artthou, Faust? whose voice I heard resound, Who towards me press'd withenergy profound? Art thou he? Thou, - who by my breath art blighted, Who,in his spirit's depths affrighted, Trembles, a crush'd and writhing worm!Faust
4.   'You are very good,' said Mr. Micawber.
5.   (as they draw the stoppers and the wine chosen by each runs into his glass)Oh beauteous spring, which flows so far!
6.   `Well, we've been waiting for years...we wait longer. Hate's a growing thing like anything else. It's the inevitable outcome of forcing ideas on to life, of forcing one's deepest instincts; our deepest feelings we force according to certain ideas. We drive ourselves with a formula, like a machine. The logical mind pretends to rule the roost, and the roost turns into pure hate. We're all Bolshevists, only we are hypocrites. The Russians are Bolshevists without hypocrisy.'


1.   In the Spring season, etc.
2. "They may have some peculiar division of labor we've never heard of," I suggested. "The men may live in separate towns, or they may have subdued them--somehow--and keep them shut up. But there must be some."
3. ● “一男子持枪自拍时不小心把自己JJ射了”

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