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1. 施工中,共拆除枕木548根、接触轨11根、走行轨24根。
2.   `--I would abandon it, and live otherwise and elsewhere. It is little to relinquish. What is it but a wilderness of misery and ruin?'
3.   Extremity of griefe and sorrow, withheld his tongue from returningany answer, and she perceiving her end approaching, held the heartstill closer to her owne bare brest, saying; Here Fortune, receive twotrue hearts latest oblation; for, in this manner are we comming tothee. So closing her eyes, all sense forsooke her, life leaving herbody breathlesse. Thus ended the haplesse love of Guiscardo, andGhismonda, for whose sad disaster, when the King had mournedsufficiently, and repented fruitlesly; he caused both their bodiesto be honourably embalmed, and buried in a most royall Monument; notwithout generall sorrow of the subjects of Salerne.
4.   "My house grew apace and I became a great man among the Cretans, butwhen Jove counselled that terrible expedition, in which so manyperished, the people required me and Idomeneus to lead their shipsto Troy, and there was no way out of it, for they insisted on ourdoing so. There we fought for nine whole years, but in the tenth wesacked the city of Priam and sailed home again as heaven dispersed us.Then it was that Jove devised evil against me. I spent but one monthhappily with my children, wife, and property, and then I conceived theidea of making a descent on Egypt, so I fitted out a fine fleet andmanned it. I had nine ships, and the people flocked to fill them.For six days I and my men made feast, and I found them many victimsboth for sacrifice to the gods and for themselves, but on theseventh day we went on board and set sail from Crete with a fair Northwind behind us though we were going down a river. Nothing went illwith any of our ships, and we had no sickness on board, but satwhere we were and let the ships go as the wind and steersmen tookthem. On the fifth day we reached the river Aegyptus; there Istationed my ships in the river, bidding my men stay by them andkeep guard over them while I sent out scouts to reconnoitre from everypoint of vantage.
5. 目前,AI等新兴技术已有许多在医疗领域里的应用,如医学影像、新药开发等。
6. 产品明示执行标准《浓香型白酒》(GB/T10781.1—2006)也规定,浓香型白酒中不得添加非白酒发酵产生的呈香呈味物质。


1. 12月26日上午,真功夫发布公告称,真功夫系列商标已经使用了15年,多年后被起诉,他们很疑惑。
2. 我们山城重庆,从我家通往学校的小路有好几条,只要你去发现。
3. 根据石磊提供的库存清单显示,2012年生产的54度500ml老酒鬼酒库存数量为8126件。
4. II、1750c+376v+376m=2502
5.   The week passed away in a most delightful manner. It passed rapidly, as may be supposed, to one entranced as I was; and yet it gave me so many occasions for knowing Steerforth better, and admiring him more in a thousand respects, that at its close I seemed to have been with him for a much longer time. A dashing way he had of treating me like a plaything, was more agreeable to me than any behaviour he could have adopted. It reminded me of our old acquaintance; it seemed the natural sequel of it; it showed me that he was unchanged; it relieved me of any uneasiness I might have felt, in comparing my merits with his, and measuring my claims upon his friendship by any equal standard; above all, it was a familiar, unrestrained, affectionate demeanour that he used towards no one else. As he had treated me at school differently from all the rest, I joyfully believed that he treated me in life unlike any other friend he had. I believed that I was nearer to his heart than any other friend, and my own heart warmed with attachment to him. He made up his mind to go with me into the country, and the day arrived for our departure. He had been doubtful at first whether to take Littimer or not, but decided to leave him at home. The respectable creature, satisfied with his lot whatever it was, arranged our portmanteaux on the little carriage that was to take us into London, as if they were intended to defy the shocks of ages, and received my modestly proffered donation with perfect tranquillity.
6. 2019年贺岁档,多部国产片与进口片展开竞争。


1. 百年银行最终依旧难逃倒闭命运,让很多美国人,尤其是西雅图的市民唏嘘不已。
2.   This argument seemed not very pleasing to the Ladies, andtherefore they urged an alteration thereof, to some matter bettersuting with the day, and their discoursing: whereto thus heanswered. Ladies, I know as well as your selves, why you would havethis instant argument altered: but to change me from it you have nopower, considering the season is such, as shielding all (both menand women) from medling with any dishonest action; it is lawfull forus to speake of what wee please. And know you not, that through thesad occasion of the time, which now overruleth us, the judges haveforsaken their venerable benches, the Lawes (both divine and humane)ceasing, granting ample license to every one, to do what bestagreeth with the conservation of life? Therefore, if your honestiesdoe straine themselves a little, both in thinking and speaking, notfor prosecution of any immodest deede, but onely for familiar andblamelesse entercourse: I cannot devise a more convenient ground, atleast that carrieth apparant reason, for reproofe of perils, toensue by any of you. Moreover, your company, which hath bin mosthonest, since the first day of our meeting, to this instant: appearethnot any jot to be disgraced, by any thing either said or done, neithershal be (I hope) in the meanest degree.
3. 特别是在同行业中率先使用电子配料工艺,有效克服产品批量差异问题,并在生产经营的各个环节采用计算机应用管理,一举将延续几百年手工作坊式生产转变成能够连续机械化作业的大工业生产
4.   As he spoke he bound his girdle round him and went to the stieswhere the young sucking pigs were penned. He picked out two which hebrought back with him and sacrificed. He singed them, cut them up, andspitted on them; when the meat was cooked he brought it all in and setit before Ulysses, hot and still on the spit, whereon Ulyssessprinkled it over with white barley meal. The swineherd then mixedwine in a bowl of ivy-wood, and taking a seat opposite Ulysses toldhim to begin.
5.   At this cruel order the physician threw himself on his knees. "Spare my life," he cried, "and yours will be spared."
6.   Thus Sindbad ended the story of his seventh and last voyage, and turning to Hindbad he added:


1.   据英国《每日电讯报》报道,奥得河村的消防局有24名女性、8名男性,最年轻的消防志愿者全是女孩。
2.   'I wish you all good-night, now,' said he, making a movement of thehand towards the door, in token that he was tired of our company,and wished to dismiss us. Mrs. Fairfax folded up her knitting: Itook my portfolio: we curtseyed to him, received a frigid bow inreturn, and so withdrew.
3.   `If it had been possible, Miss Manette, that you could have returned the love of the man you see before you--self-flung away, wasted, drunken, poor creature of misuse as you know him to be--he would have been conscious this day and hour, in spite of his happiness, that he would bring you to misery, bring you to sorrow and repentance, blight you, disgrace you, pull you down with him. I know very well that you can have no tenderness for me; I ask for none; I am even thankful that it cannot he.'
4.   Sir Moralizer, prithee, pause; Nor plague me with your tiresome laws!Goethe
5.   'Tis yet too soon.
6.   Noureddin willingly granted this request, and recounted everything from the purchase of the slave down to the present moment.


1.   "Oh, my friend," cried Dantes, "on the contrary, it seems asif I were reading a most interesting narrative; go on, I begof you."
2. n. 前辈,前任,原有事物
3.   She brought the fire and sulphur, as he had bidden her, andUlysses thoroughly purified the cloisters and both the inner and outercourts. Then she went inside to call the women and tell them whathad happened; whereon they came from their apartment with torches intheir hands, and pressed round Ulysses to embrace him, kissing hishead and shoulders and taking hold of his hands. It made him feel asif he should like to weep, for he remembered every one of them.

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      "No, it is not selfishness or conceit," said he, answering, as washis wont, my thoughts rather than my words. "If I claim full justicefor my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing-a thing beyondmyself. Crime is common. Logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logicrather than upon the crime that you should dwell. You have degradedwhat should have been a course of lectures into a series of tales."It was a cold morning of the early spring, and we sat afterbreakfast on either side of a cheery fire in the old room at BakerStreet. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-colouredhouses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blursthrough the heavy yellow wreaths. Our gas was lit and shone on thewhite cloth and glimmer of china and metal, for the table had not beencleared yet. Sherlock Holmes had been silent all the morning,dipping continuously into the advertisement columns of a succession ofpapers until at last, having apparently given up his search, he hademerged in no very sweet temper to lecture me upon my literaryshortcomings.

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